We remember Clinton Kelly for his Emmy winning his role as co-host on the ABC daytime show titled The Chew. The fun-loving lifestyle expert who made his mark as co-host of TV shows about fashion and food was set to take on a new role of a house hunter in the HGTV’s real estate show: Self-Made Mansions.

And so amid the premiere of the six-episode series on January 8, 2021, people yet again wanted to know all about him, including who is husband is.

So, who is Clinton Kelly’s husband?

Keep reading and find out.

Damon Bayles Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Above 45 years of age by 2021, Damon Bayles is the secret to Clinton Kelly’s success. Damon’s senior, the American TV personality with the zodiac sign Pisces has been like forever married to him.

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Damon Bayles Wikipedia — Family, Hometown, Education

Damon Bayles, together with his husband, splits his time between their Kent home, one in New York City, and Miami. Their Miami home has also been featured in publications for interior design. Together, they renovated the space to reflect their personality.

Damon seemed like someone who kept most of his private life to himself, unlike his out-in-the public eye husband.

During a Q/A with CTPOST, and when talking about his book I Hate Everyone, Except You (2017) (a book of personal essays revealing astounding and absurd secrets about himself), Clinton had said:

“When it comes to my family, Damon, my parents and sisters, I was careful to not throw them under the bus. I would never make money out of making someone in my family look silly or mean.”

In the meantime, we did not quite know what kind of a family-guy Damon is or what was it like for him growing up within his hometown.

Luckily, we could tell you about his educational background. With a B.A. in English Literature from Brown University, he received his Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), Clinical Psychology from Yeshiva University.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Damon Bayles is one true instance who what they call the social media ghost. Although, of course, he made now-and-then appearances on Clinton’s Instagram of more than 363k followers.

He does not seem to be active anywhere on social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Damon Bayles stands to a height of 6′ and a lately reported weight of under 80 kg. Always spotted with a big grin on his face, his hair is black. He styled it mostly short. And his beard, he often went neatly or close-shaven.

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Damon Bayles Net Worth, Job, Career

For the net worth, Damon Bayles reportedly pulled in over $2 million and must be in some way entitled to his husband’s long ago (2013) listed $4 million.

Although the chronological order of it was not known confirmed, Damon became a postdoctoral fellow at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital after the completion of his education. He did Doctoral Internship at Columbia University Medical Center in New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

He served as a Psychology extern at different medical institutions including, Bellevue Hospital, New York Foundling Hospital, Polytechnic Institute of New York University College Counseling Center. Lastly, he was at The Addiction Institute of New York, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital as the Mental Health Intern at The Crystal Clear Program.

At the time, we were not where Damon practiced his job as a psychologist.

Damon Bayles & Clinton Kelly: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Damon Bayles and Clinton have been married since 2009. They got married at their home in Connecticut after two years of dating. Details surrounding their wedding likely never made it to media platforms and the public eye.

A year before they tied the knots, the couple adopted Mary from NY Pet Rescue. Ever since their adorable Jack Russell terrier has been part of their family.


A rare Damon-sighting (with Mary) on Clinton’s Instagram!

Like most lately, on 2020’s Christmas, Clinton shared a glimpse from their day, writing,

“Merry Christmas Eve, from our house to yours! (Yes, that’s a Clementine Pffft in my hand. And yes, a rare Damon-sighting indeed!) Stay well. Love ya. Mean it. CK”

It is said, the couple continues their to and forth between Manhattan, Connecticut, and Miami Beach.

At the time they did not have any kids and also were not recorded sharing their plans to have any.

Speaking of their ‘how they met story’, they met during the time Clinton was assigned to write an article about indoor rock climbing and Damon was doing marketing for Chelsea Piers and was to become Clinton’s liaison.

Clinton described in his words:

“He was smart, funny, athletic, gorgeous. When the shot was over I went back to my office and decided I was going to ask Damon out on a date. I sent him a note inviting him for coffee. To make a, long story short, he was seeing someone and politely turned me down.”

Two years later they met again and Damon was now single. Clinton also described this meeting as love at second sight.

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