Joshua Fields Milburn has lived quite an interesting life ever since he left his corporate job. His desire to live a life with letting go of the consumption habits brought changes to his life.

Moreover, he has become quite a prominent figure and a co-founder of The Minimalist, filmed a documentary which was streamed on Netflix, and wrote four books in total teaming up with his co-founder.

Scroll down this Joshua Field Millburn wiki, to learn more about his life.

Joshua Fields Millburn Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Joshua Field Millburn celebrates his birthday every year on 29 June. He turned 39 years old while celebrating his birthday in 2020.

Based on that, Joshua secured Cancer as his zodiac sign.

Joshua Fields Millburn Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Joshua Fields Millburn was born to his mother Chloe Millburn and his estranged father in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio. His mother has been a prominent figure in his life and the path he chose for his life as an adult.

Chloe hailed from Middletown, Ohio who worked as a Catholic nun and a Delta stewardess. She had Joshua at the age of 35. However, she was diagnosed with stage four terminal lung cancer which ended up taking her life at the age of 64 in 2009.

Following the passing away of his mother, Joshua Fields Millburn started questioning his life and purpose. Though, in one of the posts, where he accepted he didn’t understand life even after he was about to reach 35, he expressed his gratitude for his mother.

Becca also started The Healthy & Whole Project.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Talking about physical features, Joshua Fields Millburn stands tall at the height of 5 feet 8.5 inches (1.73 meters). Likewise, with his lean body, he weighed around 76 kilograms (167 lbs).

Moreover, Joshua has often been compared with young Christopher Walken. This fact alone is one of his distinct features.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Talking about social media reach, Joshua earned a total of 81.9k followers on her Instagram account. Likewise, his verified Twitter account boasted 59.6k followers.

Moreover, he earned a total of 6548 followers in total.

Joshua Fields Millburn Net Worth, Books, The Minimalists

Joshua Fields Millburn and fellow Dayton-native and longtime friend and co-worker Ryan Nicodemus launched The two men started their blog in December of 2010. A lot has changed for the two since the first 52 readers of the blog they had in 2010.

Watching capitalist North America flourish in front of his eyes, he despised the culture of compulsory consumption of things. He along with Ryan ended up letting go of things both physical and philosophical.

The lifestyle of men consequences two critically applauded books and a film which streamed on Netflix on 15 December 2016. The co-founders of the blog started working in two other films.

Both the men moved their family to Los Angeles, started a podcast, wrote dozens of essays, visited more than 100 cities local and international for book reads, and interviewed with countless media outlets.

Joshua came to this minimalist way of life from living the American Dreams everyone dreams of living someday. He had a job as director of operations for 150 retail stores with a 6-figure salary in the telecommunication business in the midwest.

But the new outlook on life changed everything for him. He and Ryan joined forces together and wrote books such as ESSENTIAL, minimalism, EVERYTHING THAT REMAINS, and their latest book LOVE PEOPLE USE THINGS.

The co-founder of the Minimalist also started The Minimalists Podcast that which had 70 million downloads and over 7000 listeners.

By the time Joshua quit his corporate job, he ended up with $100,000 of debt. Though it took some time, Joshua Fields Millburn cleared all of his debt by the age of 32 and should have a net worth of $300 thousand which he doesn’t boast.

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Joshua Fields Millburn Wife, Married Life, Kids

Joshua Field Millburn met his second wife Becca Shern a little after 2015. Before that, he had made up his mind that he didn’t even want to be in a relationship and didn’t feel the need for another person to complete him.

After her arrival, Becca helped him fall in love through, in his own word; vulnerability, intimacy, conversation, support, adventure, pain, and other human experiences.

Joshua and his wife don’t have children of their own but he is a step-father to Becca’s daughter from a previous relationship, Ella. As Becca wrote on her Instagram,

“Ella’s lucky to enough to have had @joshuafieldsmillburn around since memories began. He might not be her bio-father or a traditional step-dad, but he’s one hell of a human who’s embraced parenting on our terms since day one. Life is never about what label you have, it’s how you show up in the world & JFM has been our rock for five years & he’ll be our rock for life.”

Talking about Joshua’s wife, Becca is foody and an influencer to live to help people live life to the fullest potential. A piece of trivia, Joshua posts colorful photos of Becca, meaning she adds color to his minimalist grayscale world.

About Joshua Fields Millburn Ex, Divorce

Joshua Field Millburn was previously married to his now ex-wife, Kristi ‘Keri’ Millburn. However, the span of their relationship among other details remains untouched to this day as both of the involved didn’t bother unfolding information.

In 2009, at the age of 28, Joshua and Kristi parted ways that eventually ended up in divorce. As mentioned in several interviews, his high paying job at the time took a toll on his relationship with his ex.

Fast forward to 2016, Keris married her new partner Matt. The couple had twins which Joshua posed with. As he wrote on the post, it was the first time him meeting Keri after the end of their relationship.

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