Meet Ryan Bernard who stars on Netflix’s new drop Buried By The Bernards. Bringing to its audience a different take on a typical funeral service, the series is basically about Bernards managing their family-run funeral home in Memphis, Tennessee.

Below is Wikipedia-style writing about Ryan Bernard.

Ryan Bernard Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Ryan Bernard reached 45 years of age on Dec. 11, 2020. Based on the fact, one could tell his zodiac is Saggitarius.

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Ryan Bernard Wikipedia — Mother, Father, Hometown

Born and bred in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, Ryan Bernard had already made a name for himself long before the Netflix opportunity came along.

Aside from now and then pictures of his father or grandmother he shared on his socials, his family’s background mostly remained a mystery to his viewers.

Even so, the likes of his mother Debbie, and uncle Kevin did show up in the Netflix show as main cast members.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Ryan Bernard could be found on Facebook and Instagram. And now that he is on Netflix, one can definitely expect more followers on his socials some time from now.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Ryan Bernard in his barrel-chested and beefy physique stands 5′ 9″ tall. His weight was lately listed under 83 kg.

Appearing wild and spontaneous, he mostly styled his beard with what they named as a ‘split beard’ and preferred to do buzz cut for his hair.

Ryan Bernard Net Worth, Funeral Home, Buried By The Bernards

Ryan is the founding owner of R. Bernard Funeral Services. He launched the business in 2017 and hopes someday his family would carry on his legacy and pass it down. He especially believes it would be his daughters inheriting the family business from him.

Ryan took over an old bank building and turned it into a funeral and cremation home, keeping the “old traditional funeral stuff” but also adding new stuff.

Once, Ryan claimed— “I am 41 years old. I am not out just to market to the grandmas and grandpas; I am trying to get the millennials and the baby boomers, too.”

About the TV show, Buried By The Bernards, Ryan and his family landed on Netflix after their TV advert went viral in 2018.

The Bernards first showed up on a 2017 episode of the Steve Harvey Show for their headline-making drive-thru window viewings. The commercial had shown a dead body rising from a coffin to complain about his own funeral costs.

Events such as caught the attention of a producer and thus happened the show.

Ryan previously told WATN, a Memphis-based television station that he and his family did not originally want to be a part of it. But changed their mind when the producers said, “Hey, we’re going to make this into a comedy — your uncle Kevin and your mom. This is going to be a comedy, and we’re going to focus it on the family and not the business.”

To which, Ryan replied— “We thought that was a great idea, so we just went with it because this is us every day.”

Now, you may see for yourself, how the Bernard folks have been helping families grieve while operating their affordable funeral business, in the series filmed between 2019 and 2020, before the covid-19 pandemic.

For the net worth, Ryan Bernard had managed $400 thousand before 2021.

Ryan Bernard Wife, Daughters, Is He Still Married?

Ryan Bernard was clearly not married until February 2021. His family has been termed as an “unconventional” family by most of the media outlets out there.

Some of Ryan’s fans must have the likes of “who is his wife” queries. Let us give you some clarity.

Ryan has two daughters Deja, 25, and Raegan Bernard, 18 (ages as of Feb 2021). They are from different mothers. And at the time, Ryan did not seem to be romantically involved with any of his baby mamas. Also, it’s unclear if Deja or Raegan’s mothers were Ryan’s wives.

Ryan’s daughters spent much of their childhoods apart. One because they are half-siblings and two, Ryan only found out about Deja’s existence after she had turned 15.

Raegan, a fourth-grader then, found out about Deja when her mother called to tell her she had an older sister. Just like, Ryan, Debbie, and Kevin, the Bernard siblings are the standout stars on the show. They seemed to have built an incredible bond over time.

And, just so you know Raegan also has an older brother. Although we could not tell for sure if he is also Ryan’s son.


Ryan Bernard captioned the picture: “Two daughters, a granddaughter, and a second granddaughter on the way” during Christmas celebration in 2019 (PIC: Ryan’s IG)

Both the sisters are shown contributing to the funeral home in a great way. Deja even foresees her two daughters someday inheriting the business.

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