Vernon Adkison spent all his life dredging gold in the Alaskan waters. Gold Dredging might be a dangerous business for some and there might not be as high returns as the risks, but for Vernon, the profession had only brought him wealth, meaning to his life, but also popularity and an opportunity to be a part of Discovery Channel‘s reality show Bering Sea Gold.

The fans of Bering Sea Gold, and the fans of Vernon Adkison in particular, are most curious about Vernon’s wife, his daughters, his peculiar accent, and the amount of net worth he must have collected from the depths of the ocean. We have all of them covered here. If you are curious too, read along.

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His Age, Birthday

Vernon Adkison was born on 4 June 1946. And as of 28 July 2021, he was 75 years of age, having celebrated his 75th birthday only last month. His zodiac sign was Gemini.

Vernon Adkison Hometown: Where Was He Born?

Vernon Adkison is an American citizen and was most likely born in the American South. However, we do not know exactly know his hometown. We do not know where he was born. He currently lives in Homer, Alaska.

Vernon Adkison Accent

If you are a fan of Discovery Channel‘s show Bering Sea Gold, you might have heard Vernon Adkison talking and found his accent to be a bit peculiar. Well, his accent had a bit of old-style Southern drawl to it. There was also a little bit of slurriness that comes with old age and the two things combined made his accent unique.

His Height

Vernon Adkison is a tall guy and stands at a height of 5 ft 10 inches. Also, he has fully greyed hair and a long grey beard. He is a man of heavy stature.

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His Instagram, Facebook

Vernon Adkison was not a very famous social media personality. He was not even present on the widely popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. He was, however, present on Facebook. In fact, he had a regular Facebook profile as well as a Facebook page with the name Bering Sea Gold, Wild Ranger Vernon Adkison. He had 5.9k followers on that page as of July 2021.

Vernon Adkison Net Worth

As of 2021, Vernon Adkison had a net worth of $2 million with estimated yearly earnings of $500 thousand.

Vernon Adkison is a life-long gold dredger and miner. But before making his career out of digging out lost gold, Vernon worked as a Marine (ships) Pilot in Southcentral Alaska as well as a Master Mariner for the United States Merchant Marine, USMM.

According to his Facebook profile, Vernon started his gold mining career in 2010. And only a couple of years later, in 2012, Vernon and his dredger Wild Ranger were cast in Discovery Channel‘s reality show called Bering Sea Gold. So far, Vernon had appeared on 94 episodes of Bering Sea Gold and 13 episodes of Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice, the spring season of the same show.

Vernon was one of the original cast members of the show, who started on the first season in 2012. However, in 2016, Vernon took a brief hiatus from the show and did not appear until the 11th season in 2019.

Before his return in 2019, there was a rumor circulating among the long-time fans of the show that Vernon was dead. Even after he appeared on Bering Sea Gold, people were speculating that he might have died after the shooting of the season finished. However, all those rumors turned out to be false and Vernon has kept appearing on the subsequent seasons of the show.

Coming to his education, Vernon studied at Laney College in Oakland, California, and at the University of South Carolina.

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Vernon Adkison Wife

Vernon Adkison is currently married to his third wife, Arlene Adkison (or Arlene Arlene). Arlene is from Tubigon, Bohol, and studied nutrition at the University of San Carlos.

Vernon’s first wife was Mary Crocato and they got married in 1981 in Texas and separated sometime in the mid-80s. After separating from his first wife, Vernon married his second wife Elisa D Barlow in 1989. Vernon and Elisa had two daughters but eventually, that marriage ended in divorce as well.

Elisa also currently lives in Homer, Alaska. She has remarried as well and went by the name Elisa Thompson, the surname of her current husband.

Unlike Vernon’s first two wives, his third wife Arlene is as much of a sea person as he was. She used to work as a crew member of a cruise ship. They met in the profession and got married on 26 September 2003. They have been together ever since.

Vernon Adkison Daughters

Vernon has two daughters, both from his second wife, Elisa. The eldest daughter Elaine Adkison was born in August 1990 and the second daughter Yvonne was born in August 1992. Both of his daughters have the sea experience of their own and had worked with him in the past. But as of now, they are on different paths.

Elaine had followed her father’s footsteps and was one of the cast members of Bering Sea Gold. Elaine made her Bering Sea Gold appearance in season 2 (2013) when she worked as a deckhand and operated one of her father’s dredges. She was also the captain of her own ship Bering Booty.

Elaine was also romantically involved with her co-star Flint Collins. They broke up during the fourth season of the show and Flint left the show. After that, Elain started dating another co-star Shem Fogelman. In 2015, she had a daughter with Shem. Elaine took a brief hiatus after the birth of her daughter. She made a return to the show during the 12th season as a crew in her father’s Goldship Wild Ranger.

Vernon’s younger daughter, Yvonne Adkison, used to work with her father and on the show Bering Sea Gold as a dive tender. However, in 2014, she was arrested for the possession of heroin and in 2017, she was sentenced to two years in prison.

When she got out of prison, Yvonne started her own business, a hair salon called Beyond the Mirror Salon. She also appeared briefly on the 12th season of Bering Sea Gold in 2020. However, unlike her father and sister, Yvonne was not much interested in the sea.

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