Rozene Cohran earned fame as the wife of Charley Pride. The country musician passed away in Dec 2020 due to COVID-19 related complications in Dallas, Texas.

With the tragic news, the public began searching for Rozene. Was she dead or still alive? How old was she in 2020? And what did she look like as a young woman?

Read along to find out the answers to these questions.

Rozene Cohran Dead Or Still Alive?

When Charley Pride passed away on 12th Dec 2020, his wife, Rozene Cohran was still alive. A quick google search also didn’t reveal her obituary.

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Rozene Cohran Bio, Age, Birthday

Per this profile, Rozene Cohran turned 85 years old in early 2020.

What’s more, Rozene grew up celebrating her birthday on 6th February.

Rozene was born in the year 1985.

Hometown, Family, Childhood

Rozene Cohran was born into a well-to-do African-American family. Although she lived in Houston, Texas in 2020, her hometown remained a mystery.

Rozene’s father, Ebby, raised her and her siblings, Hortense and Pauletta, as baseball fans.

According to Charley, Rozene had a fairly glamorous childhood (more on that later).

Rozene Cohran Height, Weight

Shorter than Charley, Rozene stood under 5 feet 6 inches in height. Meanwhile, she weighed above 62 kg in 2020.

Note: Rozene measured 6 feet 1 inch tall.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

From what we could gather, Rozene Cohran wasn’t on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Understandably, she was in her 80s and lacked interest in social media.

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Rozene Cohran Net Worth, Job, Education

Unlike Charley, Rozene didn’t face hardship growing up. Coming from a supportive family, she acquired a high school diploma. After later, she attended college and finished cosmetology school.

More so than her career and job, Rozene played an instrumental role in Charley’s musical success.

After his baseball career, Charley worked in construction before pursuing music. Rozene stood by her husband through all those transitions.

Before Charley passed away, he had stacked $40 million net worth. To tell the truth, Rozene deserved and enjoyed all the nice things that came with the fortune.

Rozene Cohran & Charley Pride: Wedding, Kids, Young

Rozene met Charley in 1956 while he was playing for Memphis Red Sox.

By his admission, Charley was impressed by young Rozene’s air of maturity and self-assurance.

Rozene and Charley married right before he headed for his stint in the military.

Together, the couple welcomed three kids: Kriag, Dion, and Angela.

Born in 1957, Kraig pursued music and took the moniker, Carlton. So did his younger brother Dion.

Charley and his wife raised their young children in Dallas, Texas.

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