Rose Hardy is a legend in the world of female tattoo artists. She has two decades worth of experience and resumes strong on both on and off camera. She starred in Netflix’s Tattoo Redo and fans wished to know more about her.

So, this is Rose Hardy Wiki where we cover her age, nationality, and details on her husband.

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Rose Hardy On Tattoo Redo

Rose Hardy was one of the several tattoo artists who were all set to amend the mistakes of their client in Netflix’s Tattoo Redo. She is a tattoo fixer who has also worked on other TV shows before this such as Tattoo Artist of the Year and Ink Master.

So, fans who were familiar with her work seemed excited to witness what ink magic she was going to perform on the show.

Rose Hardy Age

Rose Hardy celebrates her birthday every year on 6 November. Per that information, she secured Scorpio as her zodiac sign. Even though she appears not a day older than 35 years old, her exact age is yet to be known.

Her Height

Rose Hardy, with her height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters), looks stunning with her blonde hair multiple tattoos all over her body. As she shared in an interview, the first tattoo that she ever got was of a weird black and grey lady figure. It was also the first tattoo that she ever did.

According to Rose, among all the tattoos on her body, the palm tattoo – 2 halves of a butterfly making up a whole butterfly. The tattoo was done by one of her closest friends from New Zealand.

Rose Hardy Nationality

Rose Hardy is a Kiwi. In other words, she hails from New Zealand. She was born to her anonymous father and her mother Debbie Hardy. Based on the IG post of Rose from May 2012, her father moved to England from New Zealand around 1949. She posts pictures of him on father’s day but she never spared further details on him.

Debbie Hardy is a stunning lady who kept long dark hair with bangs in front. She is also a tattoo enthusiast and a lover of pets. She lost her other half in January of 2018.

Rose is very close to her mother and spends a lot of time together. She shared pictures of the two hanging out in a cafe or boxing game.

More about her family: Rose has a sister named Kate Hardy. The Hardy siblings don’t have much of an age difference.

Is Rose Hardy Related To Ed Hardy?

No, Rose Hardy isn’t related to Don Ed Hardy. Ed is an American tattoo artist born in Newport Beach, California, the United States. He has been widely shared as Rose’s father. That is misinformation for the reason that Roses’s father was born in England and grew up in New Zealand.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Rose, on Instagram, goes by the name @rosehardy where he had 95.2k followers in total. She posted exactly 1,110 times in total. In the same way, she is also on Twitter with 2,174 followers with 279 posts in total.

Likewise, Rose has created a professional page for her tattoo business which garnered 1,507 in total. She posted on the platform regularly and the last post was related to her being on Netflix’s Tattoo Redo.

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Rose Hardy Net Worth

As a renowned tattoo artist, Rose Hardy generated a total net worth of early $600 thousand.

Rose started as a tattoo artist in 2000 when she was in Auckland, New Zealand. She began tattooing with her dream to attend art school. However, tattooist Adam Craft helped her get her foot in the door when she was 19. Her other mentor was Aaron Stradwick.

In her hometown, Rose worked for Chapel Tattoo, a local business for nearly eight years before she booked the ticket for the flight to New York.

In New York, Rose worked for Mikiri Gallery based in Brooklyn. Working as a tattoo aris for over 20 years, she has honed her skills to ink tattoos in any form. However, Rose kept her original style intact where she focuses on a bold decorative signature style.

Besides tattooing, Rose is also the owner and head designer of Tenderthron Studio, the company she founded in 2019. She is a renowned painter who has also done several exhibitions and had a first sold-out solo show ‘Midnight Ocean’ at Outr’e Gallery in Melbourne in 2013.

The Kiwi tattoo artist also made it to the list of Inked‘s10 Female Artists Who Have Changed The Tattoo Industry. The magazine dubbed her Jane of All Trades for her ability as an artist to expertly apply tattoos in black-and-grey and color realism.

On her website, Rose has put up several works of her on sale from tattoos to paintings. For getting tattoos personally with her, one has to pay nearly $400 per hour for her expertise.

Rose Hardy Husband: Is She Married?

No, Rose Hardy isn’t married to have a husband but she was once in a relationship. She dated a guy named Justin Weatherholtz. They appeared together for the first time in February of 2013. She also introduced her then-boyfriend, Justin to her mom and they spent the day wine drinking in Yarra Valley.

In December of 2014, Rose and Justin attended a UFC fight in Las Vegas with Justin and their friends. They were spotted together until December of 2014. Whether they broke up or maintained a relationship in a lowkey manner, it was all a mystery before 2021.

Job-wise, Justin was also a tattoo artist who goes by the name @justinweatherholtz on Instagram.

Rose Hardy appears to be single and not dating anyone as of July 2021.

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