With millions of followers across various social media platforms, Ricky Dillon is as big of an influencer as there exists. Of all his contents, the “Truth Or Dare” videos are the most popular.

Operating under the username “PICKandBANANA,” YouTuber Ricky rose to international stardom. Before the split in late-2014, the North Carolina native was a member of the group “Our2ndLife.”

Get to know about Ricky’s gay origins, dating history, partner info, and net worth by tagging along!

What Is Ricky Dillon Doing Now? Family, Net Worth

On 4th April 2019, Ricky Dillon turned 27 years of age. Owning an athletic built, the celebrated YouTuber stands six feet & one inch (185 cm) in height. (

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Hailing from a family of five, Ricky has two siblings (both sisters): Lexi and Sara Dillon. Rick and Janice Dillon are his parents.

On YouTube, Ricky Dillon garnered 3.23 million+ subscribers. Meanwhile, some 2.3 people followed him on Instagram.

Leveraging social media reach, Ricky bagged endorsement deals with brands including “Hulu,” “AT&T” and “AXE.”

Sales from his card game “Ricky Dillion’s Truth Or Dare” and 2016 album “Gold” were instrumental in furthering his $800k+ net worth.

Back in 2016, Ricky voiced the character called “Aspen Heitz” in the Disney flick “Trolls.”

Coming Out As Gay

On 26th February 2020, Ricky Dillion dropped a video titled “I’m Gay” on his self-titled YouTube channel.

The 18 & a half minute-long clip started with Ricky admitting to accept that he was “1000 percent gay.”

Admittedly, Ricky grew up believing being gay was the worst. He also expressed fear that his family may disown him for coming out. The YouTuber also called his parents and childhood great.

For a long time, Ricky wanted to come out of the closest. The fact that he couldn’t do so made him feel disingenuous — which further fueled his crippling anxiety.

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To make matter worse, Ricky even tried to live like a straight man. Traumatized by his persona, he admitted to coming out as asexual in 2015 because “my mind had somehow convinced myself that being gay is off the table.”

Ricky confessed to never being so sure of anything in his life. The YouTuber concluded the video by assuring everyone he would tell his family first. He, however, didn’t share their reaction.

Dating, Partner, Boyfriend

Before coming out as asexual, Ricky Dillon enjoyed dating history with both men and women. Altogether, the beloved YouTuber had 12 girlfriends for romantic partners.

Ricky and fellow YouTuber Shelby Waddell share quite a bond.

Back in October 2013, frequent collaborators Ricky and suspected wife prospect Shelby pulled a frightening prank on their followers. Via a YouTube clip, the alleged lovebirds fronted about dating each other.

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Fans continued to suspect that Ricky and rumored girlfriend Shelby were dating despite the duo never publically acknowledging the relationship.

Romance rumors finally subsided in 2018 when the fandom became aware of Shelby’s long-distance romance with boyfriend Tyler Murphy.

From one YouTuber to another, Ricky Dillon is very close to openly gay social media sensation Shane Dawson. The rumored gay couple are frequent collaborators and even came close to kissing on one of the YouTube videos.

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With no boyfriend or romantic partner to date (Feb 2010), fans – for a long time – believed him to be asexual. Upon coming out, the very fanatics expected him to reveal his boyfriend.

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