Remy Miralles is the husband of Fidji Simo who was appointed as the CEO of the online grocery platform Instacart. Before that, Fidji worked for Facebook for almost 10 years, recently working as the head of the Facebook App. Now the announcement is public, people are interested to know more about her family life.

Hence, we’ve prepared this Remy Miralles Wiki based on Fidji Simo’s husband. Scroll down to learn more about him.

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Remy Miralles Age, Birthday

Born in 1984, Remy Miralles was 37 years old as of July 2021. His birthday falls every year on 22 April. Moreover, he owned Taurus as his zodiac sign.

Remy Miralles Nationality, Family

French by nationality, Remy Miralles was born to his parents Gerard Miralles and Regine Miralles. He hailed from the French port city of Sete. However, he relocated to San Francisco, California because of his work.

Besides names, no further information exists on his folks. Talking about his sibling, Remy has a brother named Romain Miralles. He has a job as a data scientist in California’s tech industry. But, he worked in Singapore.

Besides that, there exist no further details on his family.

His Height

Remy Miralles catches everyone’s attention with his wavy dark brown hair. He has strong bushy eyebrows which give him a strong deep-set look. Furthermore, he stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.5 meters)

His Instagram, Twitter

Remy Miralles is on Facebook with 500 followers and 698 friends. He posted on the platform for the last time in May of 2021. On Twitter, he goes by the name @RemyMiralles. He gathered 426 followers which contains 1040 tweets in total.

On Instagram, Remy goes by the name @remymiralles. The platform earned him 329 followers in total. He garnered 161 posts in total. But, he kept his account private.

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Remy Miralles Job, Net Worth

Remy Miralles attended and graduated from the Université Paris Sud (Paris XI) in 2007. While graduating, he earned his master’s degree in computer science. At the time, he was juggling his initial jobs in a work-study program while pursuing his degree in college.

By the time he had joined the university for his master’s, Remy had already started working in BlogEntreprises as a CEO. BlogEntreprise is an Internet portal in PHP/MySQL aimed at providing a solution for small businesses to create their blog.

Remy was also working as a software engineer in the R&D department for Linedata Services. He worked in the company from September of 2005 to September of 2007. Then in February of 2008, he started working in BDG as a Web Developer. He worked in the company for a year and three months.

While working for BDG, Remy led the development of “The Social Collective”, a web-based social application used by conference organizers, which generated 13K registered users and 2M page views in two weeks during the South by Southwest 2009 conference.

In May of 2009, Remy joined eBay as a Senior Product Developer. Then he became a senior software engineer for Kabam from December 2009 – January 2012. He also worked as a hacker for Gigwalk from February 2012 – June 2013. The company is known for connects businesses to an on-demand mobile workforce who gets paid to complete tasks using Gigwalkʼs iPhone app.

From July 2013 –  January 2016, Remy Miralles worked in Origami Logic as an Application Engineer. With his career as a web developer, his estimated net worth rose to nearly $3 million over the years.

Miralles hasn’t updated his LinkedIn profile since 2016. His current employment status is not known, but he was a stay-at-home dad as recently as 2019.

Remy Miralles And Fidji Simo: Wedding, Kids

Remy Miralles and Fidji Simo are reportedly together since they were teenagers. As he shared with the #leanintogether campaign, he and Fidji were living together as 17-years-old students. From the very beginning, Remy has been a supportive husband for Fidji. To support his partner’s career, he even learned some of the recipes for the dishes from his mother and cooked them, so that she wouldn’t get homesick while studying.


Remy with his wife Fidji and their daughter Willow Grace in January of 2018 (Pic: Remy’s Facebook)

Fidji and Remy got engaged, and eventually married at least in 2011. But, their wedding details eluded the public domain. Only one post on Remy’s Facebook hints at his wedding day but not much detail was drawn even from that post alone.

There are only a few who sacrifice one’s career to watch their spouse’s career thrive, and Remy is one of them. He lodged his career to watch his wife succeed in her métier. Together, they share a daughter named Willow Grace who was born on 9 September 2015.

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