Ever since her harrowing death in February 2021, Rebecca Landrith has been highly sought for following the news. Moreover, this wiki serves as the window into her life.

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Rebecca Landrith Drugs Involved In Her Death?

Rebecca Landrith’s lifeless body was discovered by a PennDot worker on Sunday morning in Union County on the side of an Interstate 80 ramp. As the official statement following Rebecca’s death reported by Dominick Adamo, Union County Coroner, she had multiple gunshots on her body including in the head, neck, throat, chest, and hand. They pronounced her death as a homicide.

At the crime scene, Rebecca didn’t have any proof of identification on her. But, investigators discovered a few receipts and a note that suggested she had traveled to Indiana and Wisconsin. Plus, the receipts had a few fingerprints. As investigation reported, she identified herself as Leslie Myers at a hotel.

But, based on that note, a man named Tracy Rollins was arrested who was a truck driver by trade was arrested. Authority captured him from Connecticut and was charged with criminal homicide and abuse of a corpse in West Buffalo Township, Union County. Charges were filed at the office of Magisterial District Judge Jeffrey Mensch in Pennsylvania.

Also, police confiscated blood samples and shell casing from Tracy’s truck and found bleach and cleaning solution that was used in the vehicle.

Tracy Rollins was held on $1 million bails at the Hartford Correctional Center in Connecticut.

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Rebecca Landrith Age

Rebecca Landrith was born on 5 September 1973. She turned 47 years old while celebrating her birthday in September 2020. Moreover, Rebecca secured Virgo as her zodiac sign.

About Rebecca Landrith Family

Rebecca Landrith was born to her anonymous parents in her hometown of Alexandria, Virginia, the United States. Even though no further details surfaced on their parents, her folks are reportedly divorced. While the whereabouts of her mother remain anonymous, her father lived in Utah.

More on her family, Rebecca was not in the good term with her family members. This is why she kept herself estranged from her family members for over five years, at the time of her death. Also, she grew up with five older siblings.

Her brother George is the only member who spoke publicly about her. But, since she separated from the family awhile back, even George claimed not knowing much about her.

Rebecca’s other family members include Lanny Landrith, Particia Mcginnis, Mary Landrith, and David Landrith.

Her Height

Coming to her physical attributes, a few of the sites sheltered her model profile. However, her profile in iStudio noted that Rebecca Landrith stood tall at the height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters). Whereas, she weighed about 53 kilograms (118 lbs) which slightly changed since the last updates.

Moreover, Rebecca’s shoe size is 7.5, had beautiful blonde hair, and was blessed with blue eyes.

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Her Facebook, Instagram

While many people who would know Rebecca Landrith expect her to have social media accounts. But, that doesn’t seem to be the case. She was nowhere to be found on Facebook and even on Instagram.

For a model, Instagram is a must platform to build a portfolio, but her dislike ness to create an account comes as a surprise to many.

Rebecca Landrith Net Worth

Rebecca Landrith worked as a fashion model previously. As her bio on her professional website stated, she loved fashion. She worked with several photographers and people in the fashion industry while building quite an impressive resume along the way.

A self-proclaimed accomplished violinist, Rebecca Landrith went to college to study law after graduating high school. But, details on the university she attended remains obscure.

Coming back to her professional career, Rebecca modeled for several photographers including Terry Ewald, Ed Savwoir, Pedro Alicea, Diane Tejada, Daniel Sokoloff, William Michael, and many more. She also modeled for Union Studios Inc., Imagination Fuel Production Film, Mundovision Media Productions, and Capital City Photos among a few other organizations.

In addition to that, Rebecca also walked on a runway in Liberia. She also appeared on NOVA Fashion Week, Saint & Sinners Fashion Show, and Red Carpet Fashion Show & Concert. Moreover, she appeared in A Chic Affair 2011. She then modeled for several brands and products in both print and video media forms.

Along with professional modeling, Rebecca has also done a few charity modeling. She showed her support for a fight against Leukemia & Lymphoma by appearing on Fashion To Fight – Benefit for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Show-Off for a Cause.

Besides that, Rebecca was the finalist in the Miss Manhattan contest held in New York City and America’s It Girl Miss Lady Liberty.

While the total net worth of Rebecca Landrith remains a mystery, she was expected to pocket a total net worth of $300 thousand.

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Rebecca Landrith Husband, Boyfriend

As pretty as she was, Rebecca Landrith surely had plenty of suitors trying to steal her heart. But, any potential boyfriends and love affairs she had, all of the names are buried away along with her memories. She never spent enough time on a spotlight for her well-wishers to track down her dating history.

Plus, it is highly unlikely that we’ll know about her romantic involvements ever again. So, the question was Rebecca married, or did she have a husband?

As reported by Pennlive, there exited no marital records of Rebecca Landrith at the time of her death.

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