In July of 2020, Hawaiian business tycoon Mike Miske was arrested for running a criminal group along with the other 10 defendants in federal court. He was also the suspect of the kidnapping and murder of Jonathan Fraser, the alleged driver of the vehicle from the accident in November 2015 which claimed the life of his son, Caleb Miske.

This wiki further opens up about the information related to Michael J. Mike Jr. among other fronts of his life, so scroll down to learn more about him.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Mike Miske was born on 1 February in 1974. Also, he turned 36 years old while celebrating his birthday in February of 2020.

As per his date of birth, he hailed Aquarius as his zodiac sign.

Mike Miske Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Born Michael J Miske Jr., almost no details on Mike Miske’s early childhood surfaced on the public records. And that evaded the details on his parents whose info is yet to surface on the mainstream news network.

Additionally, there is no other information on his other family members. And the list included his unnamed siblings.

Mike Miske Height, Weight, Distinct Features

The Hawaiian businessman stands at a height little above 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters) while he weighed approximately 72 kilograms (158 lbs).

Moreover, those who knew him noted down his goatee as his distinct feature.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

After a thorough check on Mike Miske’s social media reaches, a conclusion was drawn that he doesn’t seem to be active on any of the social media accounts widely used by many. And the list includes Facebook, Twitter, and also Instagram.

And even if he did, there are no traces of him being active on such platforms.

Mike Miske Net Worth, Businesses

Mike Miske Jr. operated a diverse range of businesses in Honolulu. He owned several companies under the brand name Kama’aina.

The group includes companies such as Kama’aina Energy LLC, Kama’aina Plumbing and Home Renovations, Kama’aina Termite & Pest Control, Kama’aina Holdings LLC, Makana Pacific Development, and Encore Nightclub.

With income flowing from multiple businesses, the cash flow contributed to his burgeoning net worth. As of July 2020, Mike’s estimated net worth reached $1.3 million marks.

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Criminal History, Indictment

The Honolulu native had multiple criminal records on his background before he got embroiled in serious trouble in July of 2020. Mike Miske was arrested 11 times and also has 6 felonies records. He also committed credit card frauds, assault, and kidnapping.

In 2013, Mike was charged with assault and got arrested twice. He grappled with one of the NFL football players in a night club in December 2012. In the fight, he hit the player on the head with a champagne bottle. A woman who intervened during the fight became the victim of the assault.

For the fight that transpired, he was charged with second-degree assault and damage of property. However, the victim refused to return to Hawai for the trial which led to the dismissal of the case.

In 2020, Mike faced accusations for running an organized criminal gang. The group’s involvement in several criminal acts surfaced after a thorough investigation.

In July of 2016, another Hawaiian native Jonathan Fraser went missing. The sudden disappearance created a suspicion towards Mike as Mike’s son Caleb Miske and Jonathan had a car accident that claimed the life of Caleb in March of 2016, four months after the accident.

Mike had filed a lawsuit against Jonathan along with the car manufacturer.

After Jonathan’s disappearance, the FBI took control of the investigation. They suspected mike for hiring a kidnapper with an intent to murder.

After years of investigation, the FBI raided Mike’s Oahu based business.

In July of 2020, police arrested Mike and indicted him on a 22-count for heading an organized criminal group. Along with mike, the name of the other 10 co-conspirators unfolded in the trial.

Mike Miske Wife, Married, Son

Like most of Mike’s private details, info on his marriage evaded the public attention. Almost little to no info on his wife surfaced on public records to discover. However, as mentioned earlier, he had a son named Caleb Miske-Lee.

Caleb married Delia-Anne Fabro on 10 October 2015. The married couple had a daughter named Nila, born in January 2016. As of the time of this writing, Delia looks after Mike’s pest control business.

As for Caleb, his family along with his wife wrapped a big tree with lights representing his commemoration at Maunalua Bay. They scattered his ashes in the same bay where he loved to visit for jet-skiing.

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