An American football player by trade, Medhy Malanda soared to international stardom after appearing on Love Island.

In this Medhy Malanda wiki, we shall discuss his net worth, ethnicity, and height. Furthermore, the article tries to highlight his age, NLF team, and more.

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Medhy Malanda On Love Island

Medhy debuted on Love Island as a part of the Casa Amor twist in July 2021. Other cast members who joined him include Matthew McNabb, Mary Bedford, Harry Young, Jack Barlow, and many more.

Before landing on the villa, Medhy said he has his sights on Kaz and Millie. He listed Kaz’s fiery, energetic, fun personality as well as her beautiful smile as her attractive features. Meanwhile, he labeled Millie a nice girl and attractive.

Medhy confessed he was willing to stir drama to find love in the villa. Admittedly, he didn’t mind stepping on toes. For him, it was part of the game. In his own words: “I’m here for that.”

His Age, Birthday

Medhy Malanda reached the age of 24 sometime before July 2021. Before appearing on Love Island, very few knew when he celebrated his birthday.

Medhy Malanda Ethnicity: Is He Congolese?

Yes, Medhy Malanda is Congolese — well, part-Congolese. From his father, he inherited the Congolese bloodline. Meanwhile, Medhy has Angolese heritage from his mother’s side of the family.

Moreover, Medhy owns Ghanaian as well as Portuguese ancestry from his family.

Medhy grew up proud of his ethnicity. He even intended to share with the world what his African lineage offered him.

Also, growing up, Medhy experienced racism. All around him, he witnessed discrimination and inequality. However, with sheer determination and faith in God, Medhy gained the strength to overcome all the obstacles.

Yes, Medhy could be related to Junior Malanda, the young Belgian soccer player who died in a car accident in 2015. An IG account (rip_juniormalanda) created to pay tribute to Junior had tagged Medhy on several pictures. The same account had also tagged Junior’s brother, Rudy Malanda.

His Nationality

Medhy Malanda holds Belgian nationality. He reportedly hails from Brussels, Belgium. As of 2021, however, he called Luton his home.

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Medhy Malanda Height

As per online sources, Medhy Malanda is above 6 feet 2 inches in height. His weight, on the other hand, should be above 110 kilograms.

In addition to possessing a bulky stature, Medhy has an immaculate beard. As a result, he landed endorsements from beard oil brands.

His Instagram, TikTok

Medhy’s username on Instagram is @medhymalanda. As of 26th July 2021, his profile had almost 10K followers.

What’s more, Medhy’s TikTok had accumulated around 2.4K likes.

Medhy Malanda NFL Team

Although an American footballer, Medhy Malanda didn’t actually play in the NFL. Instead, he is applying his trade at London Blitz.

Formed in 1995, London Blitz reportedly trains at the stadium called Finsbury Park Athletics Track. The team is one of the UK’s most successful outfits with 5 BritBowl and European trophies.

Medhy Malanda Net Worth

Had Medhy made it to the NFL, he would’ve pocketed nearly $1 million a year in salary. With London Blitz, he reportedly makes £25–36K a year.

Besides being an athlete, Medhy is also a model. Opening about his decision to pick up modeling, the Love Island star said:

“I’ve always been an athlete and been into sports. My whole family is into sports. Modeling just came about, I never wanted to model but people said I should try it and that it could go hand-in-hand with sports. I thought ‘Why not? Give it a try.’”

Now moving on to his education, Medhy attended London Metropolitan University and studied Language Interpretation and Translation. He graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Medhy Malanda Girlfriend

By his admission, Medhy Malanda is a happy, energetic, genuine, and loyal person. Perhaps, he wants similar features on his girlfriend.

Physical attributes aside, Medhy can bring a lot to the table. He speaks not one but four languages: French, Dutch, Lingala, and English. He can read and write all four.

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