Do you believe in the existence of the spirits? Are you interested in the idea of talking to dead people? If your answer was yes to either of the questions, you might love Monica the Medium, and you might also love to know more about Monica Ten-Kate, the star of Monica the Medium.

So, if you are interested to know about Monica and her paranormal powers, read the article below.

Monica Ten-Kate Age, Birthday, Zodiac

There was little information on the web about Monica’s age or birthday. However, after scouring through her social media feed, the authors of this article found out that Monica Ten-Kate was born on 27 December 1993. Thus, as of September 2020, Monica was 26 years of age, two months short of 27th birthday.

With her birthday on 27 December, Monica’s zodiac sign was Capricorn.

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Monica Ten-Kate Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Again, not much information existed on the web regarding Monica’s parents. Monica Ten-Kate was close to her parents and occasionally dedicated her social media posts to them. However, as of yet, there had not been any opportunity to share her parents’ name to the public.

Monica grew up in a large family. Apart from her parents, Monica also had three siblings (all sisters) in the family. The names of her three siblings were Vanessa, Jessica, and Joanna. Joanna was a couple of years younger than Monica.

Monica’s hometown was northern Virginia, where she was not only born but also raised.

Height, Weight, Measurements

Monica Ten-Kate stood at a very average height of 5 feet 6 inches and has an average weight of 53 kg. Based on the sources on the web, the measurements of her figure were 34-23-33.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Although her major popularity came from TV, she had considerable presence and popularity on social media.

On Instagram, she had 546 posts with a considerable following of 64.7k followers. Her Facebook page had 57k likes and 58k followers. On Twitter, her following was a little less, 16.6k. That was alright considering that she once said in an interview that she preferred Instagram over Twitter.

She also had a Youtube channel, which she started in 2017. However, she had not continued to upload videos on the channel. Also, there was no information regarding how many subscribers her channel had. She had 191k views on her channel.

Monica Ten-Kate Net Worth, Career, Education

Monica’s career started with Freeform‘s reality TV series called Monica the Medium. It was 2015 and Monica was studying at Penn State University. The show followed Monica as she balanced her educational pursuit (she was majoring in communications) and her part-time job as a spirit medium.

The show returned for a second season in 2016. But then it was discontinued. After the end of the show, Monica successfully turned her “medium ability” into a business career.

She started selling products like The Empath Oracle, a fortune card-deck, and a guidebook. She also started a podcast called Wine & Spirits with Monica the Medium.

In 2019, Monica published a book called Messages from Above: What Your Loved Ones in Heaven Want You to Know.

From her career as a spirit medium, Monica Ten-Kate had earned the net worth of $750 thousand.

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Monica Ten-Kate Wedding, Engaged, Husband

As of September 2020, Monica Ten-Kate was dating her long-term boyfriend-cum-fiance, Tyler Scott. The couple first started dating in 2015, when Monica was still working on her show. Tyler also appeared on the show towards the end of the second and final season.

Monica and Tyler had been dating for over four years and were ready to be husband and wife. They got engaged in October 2018 and their wedding was set for sometime in 2019. However, that wedding was postponed due to Monica’s ankle injury.

After that, the wedding was planned for the summer of 2020. In fact, the date of the wedding was also fixed, i.e. August 30. But then the COVID pandemic happened and they had to wait a little more to be husband and wife.


Monica and her future husband celebrating what was to be their wedding day circa 2020 (PC: Monica’s IG)

So, at this point, September 2020, Tyler was still not Monica’s husband, and the two did not have any concrete details of their future wedding. That being said, they were still engaged and still sure about their love and intention of a wedding and becoming husband and wife.

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