Mattia Polibio gained prominence with the help of the social media platform TikTok. The famous TikToker gained an enormous following within a short period of being on the platform.

As of April 2020, his TikTok account @mattiapolibio had garnered over 4.6 million followers with 336.1 million likes in total for his content. The amazing fact is, Mattia started uploading original content in November of 2018.

Following the success of the platform, Mattia’s other social media sites sky-rocketed in the same ratio. His Instagram account has over 1.2 million followers whereas his Twitter account has over 200K followers.

Scroll down this wiki-style article as it unfolds details on the beloved TikToker.

Mattia Polibio Wiki, Family, Death Hoax

Mattia Polibio was born on 16 May 2003. He turned 17 years old while celebrating his birthday in 2020. He proudly hails an Italian-American heritage.

Mattia’s father is of Italian descent whereas his mother is Mexican. Further details on both of his parents are out of the public radar, but they raised Mattia in Totowa, New Jersey, the United States.

Talking about siblings, he has a brother named Gianluca. Gianluca along with his parents have made several appearances in the TikTok videos of Mattia.

On 17 December 2019, the death hoax of Mattia spread like wildfire. Since no statements were made on behalf of Mattia in response to the viral Instagram post, everyone believed it to be true. In the post, fake Channel 45 news was used to make the Instagram post believable.

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Mattia Polibio Height, Nudes, Net Worth

Reportedly, Mattia Polibio stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters).

Mattia started his journey as a TikToker with duets videos. Later on, he started posting original content gathering followers on the way. Among diverse contents, he offered over the years, ‘redoing my bathroom’ was the most bizarre of all.

In that theme, he documented himself licking toilet seats, toilet papers, and other stuff in the bathroom. But, the absurdity of it was equivalent to the popularity it gained.

Mattia has collaborated with his closest friends such as Alvaro Romero, Alejandro Rosario, and a few notable others.

Being young and popular and avoiding controversies and scandals is hard to do act. And, Mattiia is no exception to the fact.

In November 2019, his nudes were widely circulated creating quite a stir. The incident caused him no harm but instead gained him, followers.

Mattia also got dragged into a racial feud when he uttered N-word while live streaming with his friend Rosario. The incident happened when he was imitating fellow TikToker AcidprincessX3.

Besides that, he was also accused of being homophobic.

No matter, all these controversies do Mattia a service of garnering attention and followers. And he is cashing in all that attention. As of 2020, Mattia Polibo’s net worth was estimated to be $150 thousand.

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Mattia Polibio Gay, Dating & Girlfriend

  • Jenna Hablitz

There was a time when Mattia Polibio was dating a girl named Jenna Hablitz. But the relationship lasted for only a brief period.

The couple broke up with no revelation on the reason behind the split. Following the breakup, Mattia live-streamed for fans and remarked that he was saddened by the incident.

Mattia accused his then-girlfriend of being manipulative. With that remark, his followers flooded the comment section of the girl’s Instagram page and bashed her for her acts.

Mattia and Jenna reconciled their relationship after he apologized for the reactions of his followers.

  • Cynthia Parker

Following the breakup with Jenna, Mattia Polibio became romantically linked with fellow TikTok sensation Cynthia Parker.

Despite getting snapped a couple of times, neither Mattia nor Cynthia confirmed they were dating.

The confirmation finally arrived when Mattia held a Q&A on YouTube. When asked about his exes, the TikTok star shared:

“I’m not going to name my exes, [but] who I’ve talked to. “Cynthia [Parker] — we commented on each other’s TikToks. Then she DM’d me, and I answered, [then we] started Snapchatting, started FaceTiming. [We] met at Social Bash, whatever there happened, and then we talked and talked until we had to end things on February 13 or 12… That’s basically the story behind that.”

According to Mattia, his short-lived romance with Cynthia didn’t ignite a feud with “good friend” Chase Hudson.

For context: Chase and Cynthia were once an item.

  • Jade

Circa Dec 2020, TikToker Jade claimed Mattia Polibio got her pregnant. She added Mattia took off the condom amid intercourse without her knowledge.

Jade, however, denied Mattia raped her. In her words— “I wasn’t [raped]. I’ve been begging people to stop saying things like that. He did take off the condom and I didn’t notice until a little later, but given that I didn’t stop anything that’s on me. … He didn’t force me, he didn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to do, no matter how much of a bad decision it was on both our parts.”

So, to cut to the chase, Mattia Polibio isn’t gay.

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