Matthew Smith’s brush with fame arrived following his stint at “America’s Next Top Model.” Moreover, he gained recognition as one of the stars of the Netflix dating show “Too Hot to Handle.”

Written in a wiki format, the article below highlights Matthew’s girlfriend & net worth. Likewise, the piece divulges his height, family background & other bio details.

Matthew Smith Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

According to several publications online, Matthew Smith entered his 30s in 2020. Back in 2014, when the first popped in the scene, he was 24 years of age.

Per, Matthew celebrated his 30th birthday on 2nd February 2020. Additionally, he embodied Aquarius characteristics to the core.

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Matthew Smith Wiki — Family, Siblings, Education

Matthew Smith was born to parents who resided in Denver, Colorado. Very few including his siblings, assuming he had more than one, knew his middle name — Stephen.

Leaving behind his family, Matthew enjoyed a football scholarship ride to Carson Newman. However, an injury forced him to change career course and return home.

While back in Denver, Matthew opted to pursue a degree in Landscape Architecture. Before fully immersing in the scene, he packed his bags and left for Los Angeles in 2011.

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Matthew Smith Net Worth, TV Shows, Book

As an actor, Matthew Smith appeared on TV shows such as “New Girl” & “The Young and Restless.” Likewise, his modeling career took off after “America Next Top Model.” He had appeared on Cycle 21 and ranked 10th overall.

Working as a model, Matthew graced the pages of several publications including “Denver Life Magazine.” Similarly, he appeared on the ad campaigns of brands “Thursday Boot Company” and “Rock Revival.”

Besides acting & modeling, Matthew also owned the title of a children’s book author. Furthermore, he acted as his multi-media company’s COO. From his multiple gigs, Matthew reportedly flexed $900 thousand in net worth.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Looks

At six feet and four inches height, Matthew Smith owned an insurmountable physique. His weight, meanwhile, hovered around 90kg mark.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, Facebook

On Instagram, Matthew Smith accumulated 114k followers by April 2020. Meanwhile, his Facebook profile and Twitter handle remained obscured.

Matthew Smith Girlfriend, Wife, Married

Undoubtedly, Matthew Smith was a man of their dreams for many women. Thus, the chances of him remaining a single man for too long was slim.

As of 2020, Matthew still hadn’t enjoyed the perks of married life. From what the fans could see from his IG, he didn’t have a girlfriend. Nor was he entertaining any wife prospect.

According to the premise of the show, Matthew didn’t join “Too Hot to Handle” to make girlfriends. However, he grew close to Nicole O’Brien during his stint there.

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