Lorraine Smothers might be a cookbook author but she is more popular for being the wife to the Fox News journalist, Chris Wallace.

Her husband, Chris was scheduled to moderate the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on September 29, 2020.

After Chris’s limelight, it was obvious that people would want to know more about his family. So here we are, shedding light on Chris Wallace’s wife, Lorraine though this wiki-style article on her.

Lorraine Smothers Wiki — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Lorraine Smothers was born on April 8, 1959. This made her 61 years of age in 2020.

Also, she is 11 years younger than her husband, Chris Wallace.

Corresponding to her birthday, Lorraine is of Aries zodiac.

Born in Alexandria, Virginia, Lorraine lived many years in Middleburg, VA. As the area was popular for the horse enthusiast, she grew a love for horses as well.

In the 1990s, she owned a horse named Strait Man and actively participated in show-jumping. Also, Lorraine won a few awards on her horse.

Reportedly, she left her previous life behind and move to Washington, DC where Chris worked. They together owned a large home there.

Lorraine and Chris also purchased a property in Annapolis, Maryland, in 2015.

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Biography — Family, Nationality, Political Views

Lorraine Smothers was named Lorraine Marcelle Martin by her parents at birth. She hails from Alexandria, Virginia, USA, that makes her of American nationality.

Information on her family wasn’t available.

As for her political views, Lorraine didn’t support any candidate or party. However, her husband, Chris was the only Democrats working at Fox News. He was a registered Democrat and criticized Trump on-air at Fox New, several times.

So, could Lorraine’s political preference could somewhat be influenced by Chris?

Lorraine Smothers Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Talking about her distinct features, Lorraine has stunning brown eyes and a beautiful set of teeth.

Apart from this, Lorraine Smothers stands tall at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (167.64 cm) and weighs 68 kg (149.91 lbs).

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Lorraine Smothers Job, Net Worth, Education

Lorraine Smothers’ net worth was estimated to be above $3 million in 2020. Just in case you are wondering, she is also entitled to her husband Chris’s net worth of $6 million.

Coming to her job, Lorraine Smothers is one of the bestselling cookbook authors.

Her first book, Mr. Sunday’s Soups was inspired by meals she would prepare for Chris after a long day of work even on Sundays.

Moreover, since it was a weekend, her teenage kids wouldn’t get out of their room until it was lunchtime. So, having a meal together was the only way they connected over the weekends.

Since the tradition was a hit in her family, Lorraine had a thought to share the idea with others. Thus, she wrote “Mr. Sunday’s Soups” in 2010 and two more of the series were published later.

So, Mr.Sunday on “Mr. Sunday’s Soups” referred to Chris. Also, he helped Lorraine promote her books as well.

Apart from being a writer, Lorraine also appeared in some TV series in 2015 like Shepard Smith Reporting, Imus in the Morning, and Fox and Friends

As for her education, Lorraine didn’t seem to have taken any training classes about cooking.

Since her signature dish is “Soup”, she was asked what was her favorite soup from childhood. She replied,

“Chicken Noodle; because it is easy to eat and fun to fish out the noodles from the bowl.”

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

As of September 2020, Lorraine Smothers had no social media presence.

However, you can find her on Instagram @mrssundays.

Lorraine Smothers & Chris Wallace: Dating, Wedding, Kids

By 2020, Lorraine Smothers shared over 2 decades of marriage with her husband, Chris Wallace.

Reportedly, they held their wedding in 1997 and it was a second marriage for each of them.

As for their kids, Lorraine had two children; Remick (born 1989) and Sarah (born 1987) from her past relationship. While Chris had four; Peter, Megan, Andrew, and Catherine.

However, the duo together had no kids.

In 2011, in an interview, Chris shared that what impressed him about Lorraine was her ability to reproduce restaurant meals at home.

Guess the man partly fell for foods besides her as well.

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Lorraine Smothers Ex-Husband, Divorce, Children

Before Chris, Lorraine Smothers was married to the actor, Dick Smothers a.k.a. Richard Remick Smothers.

The duo was tied the knot in Septemeber 19, 1986. After almost 8 years of togetherness, they divorced on May 30, 1994.

Coincidentally, the day Lorraine and Dick held their wedding; Richard’s ex-wife, Linda Smothers passed away — she was hit by a car a few days earlier.

They share two children; Remick and Sarah.

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