The way our society is structured, it’s rare that we see a man break up with his girlfriend for her ambitiousness. Among those rare cases is the story of Unpolished star’s Lexi Martone and her longtime boyfriend Joseph Fraumeni.

Joseph Fraumeni, popularly known as Joe Fraumeni, parted ways with his nail artist girlfriend around July 2020 after more than three years of dating. More about Joseph, his general wiki, net worth, and dating information in the article below!

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Joseph Fraumeni Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Huntington native Joseph Fraumeni was born on September 24, 1993, which meant his age, as of February 2021, was 27. He celebrated his 27th birthday with his friends and family on September 24, 2020. According to his birthdate, his zodiac sign is Libra.

Joseph Fraumeni Family, Hometown, Education

Joseph Fraumeni was born in Huntington, New York, and still lives there with his family. He has a very good relationship with his family members.

He is close to his parents, Joesph Fraumeni (dad) and Lisa D’Amato Fraumeni (mom). Joseph also gets love from his grandparents, Joe Fraumeni and Pamela Whitaker Fraumeni.

Joseph has two siblings, both of whom are sisters, in his family. One of his sisters, Angela Fraumeni got engaged to her fiance Dan Carey in May 2019 and later exchanged wedding vows in November 2020. Joseph has sound relations with his other sibling, Christina Fraumeni.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

For a television personality, Joseph has an immense social media reach. He is available on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Joseph used to be quite active on his Instagram handle.

Height, Weight, Accident

Joseph Fraumeni stands tall at a height of 6 feet and weighs no less than 84 kilograms.

The Unpolished star went through a horrible road accident in June 2016. As per the reports, Joseph suffered serious injuries after he crashed his Kawasaki KX100 dirt vike into the parked vehicle in Greenlawn.

Thanks to the quick action from local police, Joseph was safely transported to Stony Brook University and had a speedy recovery from his leg and internal injuries.

Joseph Fraumeni Job, Net Worth, Unpolished

Joseph Fraumeni was a delivery man before he starred in the first season of Unpolished. It was because of the nature of his job that he got to meet Lexi.

Quitting his job as a delivery man, Joseph joined the TLC‘s Unpolished as a cast member. Now that Joseph had already broken up with Lexi, fans believed they won’t see more of him in the TLC show.

Joseph Fraumeni has made a decent net worth for someone his age. His fortune is calculated to be of $200 thousand net worth.

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Joseph Fraumeni & Lexi Martone: Dating, Split

Although Joseph and his ex-girlfriend Lexi kept their relationship under wraps, reports say that the pair started dating in 2018.

The pair first met when Joseph visited Lexi’s salon to deliver a salad. Since Joe worked next door to Salon Martone, the duo quickly formed a connection and started dating. The adorable duo even moved in together in the same year they began dating.


Joseph with his then-girlfriend Lexi Martone.

Unpolished fans were shocked to know about the pair’s breakup, shortly after Lexi’s father Big Mike’s death in May 2020. Neither Joseph nor Lexi opened up about the reason for their split for a long time.

On January 26’s episode of Unpolished, Lexi, finally talked to Ashley about her breakup with her boyfriend Joseph. In the episode, Lexi hinted at the lack of compatibility and personality issues as the reason for their split. Joseph’s ex-girlfriend also added that he was getting in the way of her ambitions and she did not want anyone like that in her life.

Where Is Joseph Fraumeni Now?

While Lexi quickly moved on with her life after the breakup, not much is known about Joseph’s dating life now.

In all likelihood, Joseph was enjoying his single life in 2020. The Unpolished star’s ex-girlfriend, however, tried to find her love through the use of technology after splitting with Joseph.

In the trailer for the second season of Unpolished, Lexi told that she gave few dating apps a try during the COVID, none of which found any success.

She said, “You text a lot, you do a lot of video chat, you meet and then you have to wear a mask.”

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