The very day after your birthday, if you’re chosen a nominee for UN ambassador, you certainly think your birth just hit the spot.

Something similar might have happened to Linda Thomas-Greenfield, whom Joe Biden on 23rd November, nominated to become ambassador to the United Nations.

With the nomination, rose the curiosity among people on who the lady is, her family background, her parents, her education, married life, kids, and many more. Read further, if you’re here for a similar reason.

Essential Info: Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Exactly the day before Joe Biden nominated her for the UN ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield reached 68 years of age.

Further, her 22nd November 1952 birthday, lets her fall under the Scorpio zodiac sign category.

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Linda Thomas-Greenfield Bio: Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Linda was born to her parents in the southern state of Louisiana. She never revealed whether or not was her birthplace, also her parental hometown.

Linda grew up there in a large family, alongside her 7 siblings.

Speaking of her parents, the lady mentioned during her 2019 ted talk that, her mother had 8th-grade education. While at the same event, she revealed that her father went to school only till 3rd grade.

Linda further said that her father couldn’t read or write, but he was the smartest man she ever knew. He left education to support his family at such a young age.

Hence, the persona she is has a lot to do with the background she came from and fought for. Moreover, it was her mother’s hopes and dreams that she went to achieve all her life.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Although her physical height can never protrude the height of her insights, they’re well enough in numbers.

Linda’s height is a good 5 feet and 11 inches while her weight is under 82 kgs.

In addition, Linda’s distinct features are not the ones that define her, but she defines them through her extraordinary personality.

Her short hair and a charming smile can brighten up anyone’s day.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

As a political personality, Linda’s only Twitter use, among other social media, makes a complete sense.

While Instagram and Facebook do no wrong to her career, she might find them unnecessary for the place she is in and the responsibilities she carries.

On Twitter, she had more than 83.4K people follow her until late November 2020.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield Net Worth, Career, Education

Early school days were surely difficult for Linda, but she grew up to educate herself to a great level.

She went to Louisiana State University for her B.A. education while for M.A. she chose the University of Wisconsin.

In advance, Linda also worked towards a PhD at the University of Wisconsin, from where she received an honorary Doctor of Law in May 2018.

It seems like Linda knew how she wanted her career to be from a very early age. Be it due to her mother’s dreams or her father’s struggle, she soon understood the road of life.

Her political career shone through hardships as she could connect to the majority with her story.

And not was she new to the world of foreign policy when she Biden nominated her for UN ambassador’s role.

She had served as a member of foreign service in the past. After she went to address the difficulties in the countries including Nigeria, Pakistan, and Kenya, she was appointed assisted secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs.

She continuously served in the African countries from 2013 and worked for the policy application on sub-Sahara Africa.

Past that, she worked for UN foreign service and also was an ambassador to Liberia.

Thus, Linda’s net worth of $3.5 million is all worth the hard work and dedication bestowed in her roleplay.

Besides, her back to the role after 2017 retirement brought the light of hope in the United States.

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About Linda Thomas-Greenfield Israel & Palestine Policy

Linda worked mostly for African countries during the first inning of her career. After the 2020 nomination for UN ambassador, people were excited to know about her Israel & Palestine Policy.

However, the well experienced had less experience in the Asian and middle east regions. However, her followers hope that Linda brings out the best Israel & Palestine Policy.

Such policy, that works for the end of the longtime on-going conflict in the areas.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield Husband, Kids, Married

Linda Thomas-Greenfield has been married to her husband, Lafayette for many years now. Together, she and her husband have two kids, Lindsay and Lafayette II.

Their son, Lafayette II is a Howard University graduate with a degree in Law. As per his bio, he is an associate at Milbank LLP.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield poses with her son, Lafayette II. (Pic- Linda’s Twitter)

Although not many details on Linda’s personal life is open in the public, her followers appreciate the kind of person she has been throughout.

Moreover, as mentioned in her bio, Linda is also a grandmother.

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