On November 23, 2020, President-elect Joe Biden’s announcement of major cabinet choices turned the spotlight on Avril Haines and three more officials (Antony Blinken, Alejandro Mayorkas, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, and Jake Sullivan).

Mr. Biden named Avril Haines as his nominee for Director of National Intelligence, which would make her the first woman to hold this position.

As the new office awaits Avril, people are naturally curious about her life outside of politics especially her marriage.

Avril Haines is married to David Davighi. And, here’s everything you need to know about David.

David Davighi Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign

David Davighi was born in the year 1962. Thus every year, he grew up celebrating his birthday, on the 18th of June. This makes his zodiac sign Gemini.

Also this year, he turned 58 years of age.

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David Davighi Wikipedia — Religion, Family, Hometown

David Davighi and his family lived in their hometown of either Washington DC or Baltimore, Maryland. also listed his ethnicity and religion, respectively, as Caucasian and Christianity. The site further stated people: Olive Davighi, Jean Davighi, David Davighi, and Keith Davighi, as his family members.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

David Davighi stands to a height taller than 5′ 8”. Also, most lately, his weight was listed under 81 kg or 178.6 lbs.

Unfortunately, Avril’s fans rarely get to see him online.


A rare picture of David Davighi and Avril Haines (PIC: Heightzone)

While the former White House Deputy National Security Advisor often shared frames with Barack Obama and the colleagues, she was hardly ever spotted with her David, in public.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Until the time of this writing, David Davighi successfully led a super-private life. Both David and his spouse well kept the image of being off the grid when it comes to social media such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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David Davighi Job, Net Worth, Education

For educational background, all we know is David Davighi went to Hunterdon Central Regional High School.

David, according to his LinkedIn page, is an aviation professional, living in New York, New York, the United States.

He worked as the director of flight operations in ExpressJet Airlines from
1997 until 2006.

While the average salaries on aviation and airlines are expected to be range from $48.5K to $191.5K, David Davighi reportedly made up to $1 million-plus net worth.

David Davighi & Avril Haines: Dating, Married, Kids

David Davighi has long been married to Avril Haines, who was recently seen with President-elect Joe Biden arriving at The Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware.

They exchanged wedding vows in 2003, the same year Avril took on a job as a lawyer in the State Department legal adviser’s office.

The story of how they met and started dating is quite interesting.

During the summer between her sophomore and junior years, Avril was hit by a car. It was a serious accident, and thus the aftereffect of it caused her considerable pain for a long time.

Later, she attempted to ease and distract her mind from the pain she turned to her dream she had long harbored i.e. buying an airplane and flying it to Europe.

Hence the following summer she enrolled in flying lessons in Princeton, New Jersey where she fell in love with her flight instructor who happened to be none other than David. Shortly after the course, they traveled to Florida to hunt for a plane and found a 1961 twin-engine Cessna 310 that needed some fixing.

Outfitting the plane with extended-range fuel tanks, the duo took off on a certain summer afternoon, hoping to make it to England by the next day. Over the North Atlantic, the plane lost one engine, then the other. Luckily, they landed safe and sound and survived a “harrowing experience”.

David followed his beau to Chicago for her last year in college, and in 1992 the two settled in Baltimore, where he had found a job as a commercial aviator and Avril planned on pursuing a doctorate at Johns Hopkins.

Eventually, they sold the plane, got a loan from the bank and opened an independent bookstore and café, and named it Adrian’s Book Café, after Avril’s mother. Even this was one of Avril’s dream to have a bookstore reflecting her own “deeply eclectic taste” in books.

It seems to us the couple survived every high and low together.

And, in the meantime, we did not know if they also shared kids after multiple decades of companionship.

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