People might remember Dog the Bounty Hunter and his daughter Lyssa. Well, an interesting fact is that Lyssa got engaged to her long term girlfriend Leiana Evensen. So, who is this Leiana Evensen?

Read the article below to know who Lyssa’s fiance is, and also some interesting facts about her.

Leiana Evensen Bio — Age, Zodiac, Birthday

The first question that you might ask about Leiana is when and where she was born. Interestingly, Leiana and Lyssa also share their birthdays. Leiana was born on 10 June 1987 in Kane’ohe, one of the Hawai’ian islands.

Thus, in the Summer of 2020, Leiana Evensen became 33 years of age.

Leiana Evensen Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Leiana Evensen grew up in Kane’ohe with her parents and one sibling, a younger brother called Gerrit. Unfortunately, her brother passed away a while ago but Leiana kept remembering him and sharing her love for him in social media.

As of 2020, her parents were still alive and she seemed to be close with both of them. According to her Instagram, Leiana regarded her mother as the strongest woman she knew and her dad as the world’s best man and father.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Now let us give you some interesting wikis about Leiana Evensen. First, she measured at an average height of 5 ft 6 inches and weighed a modest 56 kgs.

One of her most charismatic features was her wide toothy grin, which was as beautiful as it got in a human face.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

Although Leiana seemed to prefer a relatively limelight free life, she also loved to share her happy, sad, nostalgic, memorable, fun moments with her friends and families.

Her social media, especially her Instagram are filled with Hawai’ian landscapes, pictures of her brother, photos with her parents, or her fiance, Lyssa. With 1216 posts, Leiana had earned over 11.2k followers on Instagram as of Aug 2020.

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Leiana Evensen Net Worth, Job, Education

As of 2020, Leiana Evensen worked at The Ohau Club, a fitness club in Honolulu, which provided various cardio and physical fitness training programs like swimming, tennis. The club also offered sports training for kids and adults.

Leiana held multiple jobs as a fitness director, a sports camp director, head personal trainer as well as a movie night director for the club. Before stepping out into the real world, Leiana had her education from Punahou School in Honolulu.

As of August 2020, Leiana Evensen’s net worth was estimated to be around $350 thousand.

Leiana Evensen & Lyssa Chapman: Dating, Engaged, Married

Now let’s dive into the relationship between Leiana Evensen. The public might know a little about the troubled life of Lyssa before she started dating Leiana. For those who don’t know Lyssa was once married to a man called Brahman Galanti, with who she had a daughter Madalynn Grace. However, within two years she was divorced.

Lyssa had another daughter before that. When she was only 15, she was pregnant with, and later gave birth to, a daughter called Abbie Mae. Abbie Mae’s father was jailed for having sex with a minor.

There wasn’t much information about Leiana’s romantic exploits before Lyssa. Leiana and Lyssa met in 2016 and started dating soon after. The couple must have met as they were both living in Hawai’i at that time.

The dating proved extremely fruitful and the couple was engaged within just under a couple of years. In December of 2017, Leiana and Lyssa went for a trip to Seattle. And in that very romantic trip, Leiana proposed to Lyssa. Of course, Lyssa agreed and the couple was officially engaged to be married.


Leiana Evensen and her fiance Lyssa Chapman enjoying on a beach circa Mother’s day 2020 (PC: Leiana’s IG)

After 2017, the couple seemed to be enjoying a long engagement. The beginning of the married life saw delay by the death of Lyssa’s step-mother Beth as well.

Anyways, the couple alongside Lyssa’s two daughters were having a great time together, married or not. In 2020, the entire went on a cruise trip around the Caribbean.

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