Garden Rescue, a BBC TV show, has been a great way for all the daytime TV watchers to learn about gardening and designs. A show where all the award-winning designers like the Rich brothers and Charlie Dimmock compete to design gardens for people around the world has recently expanded its cast.

The newcomers that have joined the sixth season of Garden Rescue are Lee Burkhill, Flo Headlam, and Chris Hull.

Today, we are going to talk about the garden designer and horticulture expert, Lee. Learn about his age, gender, net worth, and partner info over this Lee Burkhill wiki.

Lee Burkhill Gender: Male Or Female?

Every people suddenly show interest in your gender & sexuality as you become popular, and that is exactly is what has happened with Lee Burkhill. From some of his social media posts, it looks like his gender is male. However, you should know that he is gay.

In a Twitter post made on November 4, 2019, Lee expressed his support for all trans people. He wrote, “Starting to appreciate a microdose of what trans people must endure from some erroneous yet vicious online #trolls. Reminds me of being bullied as a teen for being gay. So today I want to raise a golden trowel to all #LGBTQoftwitter to all stand strong! #TransIsBeautiful.”

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Lee Burkhill Age

Lee Burkhill was reportedly born in the year 1983. He was 38 years of age in June 2021. His birthday falls on the 15th of February every year. Going by Lee’s birthdate, his zodiac sign should be Aquarius.

His Family, Hometown

Lee Burkhill was born and raised in his hometown in Lancashire, England.

Being a very private person himself, Lee does not talk much about his family in the public. Therefore, we do not know his family members’ identity as of June 2021.

Though Lee mentioned on his Twitter about having a sister, he never bothered to offer any details about her.

Also, one time, Lee revealed about his trip to Crail, Scotland with his family members when he was 10 years old. In the same Instagram post made on August 7, 2020, Lee also revealed that his memory of Crail was not too dissimilar from what Crail was that day.

His Height

Lee Burkhill stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs no more than 60 kilograms. His distinctive physical characteristics would be his muscular body and tattoos present on his arms.

Lee Burkhill Net Worth

We did not know how much Lee Burkhill earned as a garden designer. What we do know is that a garden designer in the UK roughly earns around $46 thousand in a year. His net worth was reported to be around $750 thousand as of 2021.

Before Lee embarked on his career as a horticulturist and a garden designer, he was involved in the field of IT. In fact, he was a Senior Project Manager in IT for almost 12 years.

Working in the IT sector made him realize Lee was not meant for his indoor job. Therefore, he quit his job in IT to flourish his gardening career.

In December 2014, Lee started his own business named Garden Ninja Ltd, under which he would run a blog. In the blog, Lee started featuring articles and YouTube videos to teach people about gardening basics and garden designing.

A former student of Horticulture + RHS in Edinburgh Botanical Gardens, Lee has won several awards in his career. He is the recipient of Vuelo’s Top 10 Blogger Award 2019, RHS & BBC Feel Good Gardens Winner 2016, and others.

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Lee Burkhill On Garden Rescue

Lee, along with his other cast members, came into the BBC show Garden Rescue replacing the Rich brothers and Arit Anderson.

He was absolutely excited to join the popular BBC show. He told, “It’s really exciting to be joining the Garden Rescue team and to have the opportunity to inspire the public with fantastic designs and gardening tips,” to BBC.

Lee, who has earned the moniker ‘Garden Ninja’ through his huge success as a garden designer, will be definitely giving some of the best garden designs to some of the homeowners across the world.

His Instagram, Facebook

Lee Burkhill is present on social media platforms and not just on one. As of June 2021, Lee was available on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

Talking about the numbers, Lee has 4.3 thousand followers on Instagram, 4 thousand followers on Twitter, 31.4 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and 1.8 thousand followers on Facebook.

Lee Burkhill Partner: Wife Or Husband?

Since Lee Burkhill is a gay man, he must have a husband if he is married. As per the reports of Celeb Pie, Lee is a married guy. According to Celeb Pie again, Lee has chosen not to disclose any details about his husband.

While Lee prefers to keep his personal life away from the spotlight, he loves featuring his dog Barry (Border Terrier breed) in his social media handles. Sometimes, Lee calls Barry his “partner” too.

On May 12, 2021, Lee talked about adopting a brother for Barry through a tweet.

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