Garden Rescue is the show that brings people who garden to the TV, a deserved place in the popular culture that they usually do not get. And the new season of Garden Rescue is coming in the next year with some new gardening face. One of those new faces is Flo Headlam.

Read everything you need to read over this Flo Headlam wiki including info about her husband and her family. Also, discover her age, her height, her net worth, etc.

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Flo Headlam On Garden Rescue

The recent reports are that BBC One‘s daytime show Garden Rescue will be adding a few presenters to its 2022 season. And Flo Headlam is one of those new additions. Apparently, the previous presenters, the Rich brothers, are leaving the show and in their place, new presenters are coming.

Flo is going to be one of three presenters of the show. Her other co-presenters are Charlie Dimmock and Chris Hull. We do not know exactly when the new season will start to air, but it will most likely be in the early parts of 2022.

Flo Headlam Age

We do not exactly know the age of Flo Headlam. In fact, we know nothing about her birthday, her zodiac sign, or anything else related to her age.

There was one thing, from which we can extrapolate a tentative age. Flo’s niece’s 30th birthday in August 2019. If her niece was already over 30 years of age, Flo Headlam herself must be in her middle ages (the late-40s/early-50s).

Family, Hometown, Real Name

Flo Headlam was born in South London. And London was her hometown. Her real name is Florence Headlam. Flo is just a shortened version of Florence.

Talking about her family, Flo’s parents came from the Caribbean. In the Caribbean, they had grown up in the countryside, working in the fields and producing their own vegetables. That culture continued when they moved to England.

When Flo was a child, the food on their kitchen table usually came from their own garden. Flo was herself a very curious child and tried her hands in the garden, tinkering with little things there. That was where Flo got the first taste of gardening.

Flo has also credited her best friend with igniting the love for gardening in her. She called her best friend her inspiration.

While we do not know the name of her parents who planted the seed of planting on her, we do know the name of her older sister. Yes, Flo had an older sister called Marina McLean. And Marina is a music artist and author. We do not know if Marina was Flo’s only sibling. There was a Facebook post, however, in which Flo was with her “logical not biological” sisters.

Flo Headlam Height

Flo Headlam stands at a height of 5 ft 7 inches. Her other distinct features include her dark hair, brown eyes, and the tiny (and cute) gap in her front teeth.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

As of June 2021, Flo Headlam was not that big on social media. However, once her show starts to air (in 2022), she will surely gain some following. On Instagram, she had 1.8k followers. We could not find her on Facebook. She was present on Facebook but did not have any Facebook page.

Flo Headlam Net Worth

According to some of our sources, an average garden designer in the UK makes about £32.8k every year. Flo Headlam also must be earning somewhere near that number. As of 2021, Flo had garnered a net worth of $750k.

Let’s start with her education, Flo attended Sydenham Girls School for her high school education. For her university education, she went to the School of African and Oriental Studies and graduated in 1997 with a degree in African studies.

Before starting her university, Flo had worked for a couple of years as a bilingual secretary. After finishing her university education, Flo was involved in charity works for over 13 years. She worked in the office and worked in managing educational resources for schools.

However, Flo eventually left the office work and started what was her true calling, i.e. gardening. She has described her shift from office to gardening as a “rebirth”. Flo has been gardening since 2012. In 2017, Flo got a diploma in Garden Design from Capel Manor College.

Flo’s approach to gardening is hands-on. And she is also impressed by the New Perennial Wave of planting. Furthermore, she is also inspiring young people in her field. And she also supported the Black Lives Matter movement.

Flo Headlam Husband

Investigating through her social media tells us that Flo Headlam might have a couple of kids, two daughters. There were a few pictures of two young girls on her Instagram and reportedly the girls are her own kids.

However, there was no sign of any husband on Flo Headlam’s social media. Either that was because her husband was a reclusive fellow and avoided social media or because Flo was single is unknown.

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