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Kristen Kish always had the talent of cooking inside her and she proved it when she became only the second woman to take home the title of Top Chef in 2012.

The win proved a vital phase of her career. It opened numerous windows of opportunity for the Boston-based chef de cuisine.

However, born with a will to carry herself, Kristen left the position of chef de cuisine and many other offers from high-profile restaurants to pave a career on her own.

Know more about the Korean native’s story from the article below.

Kristen Kish Parents, Height, Ethnicity

Kristen Kish was born as Kwon Yung Ran in Seoul, South Korea as an orphan. As an infant, she lived in a couple of orphanages before finally getting adopted by a Michigan family.

Though an adopted child, Kristen stood tall and was happy to be part of a family that wanted her and loved her unconditionally. She inherited Asian ethnicity from her birth parents but all her characteristics became American.

It was also her adoptive parents that encouraged Kristen to pursue a career in cooking. So, she joined a culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago and it turned out to be one of the greatest decisions of her life.

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Top Chef Journey, Net Worth, Tattoos

Kristen Kish’s nack for cooking was fueled by the passion for success which eventually got her to the top of cooking.

After graduating with a degree in culinary arts in Chicago, Kristen needed a platform to showcase her talents. But before that, the chef worked for some high-profile restaurants.

Kristen then joined the tenth season of Bravo’s hit reality show Top Chef in 2012 and went onto clinch the title. Also, she got the chance to serve as the Chef de Cuisine at “Barbara Lynch’s Stir”.

Going through a wonderful Top Chef Journey, Kristen learned many things in life. She traveled around the world, hosted events & even published her cookbook.

Similarly, in 2018, she started her first restaurant named “Arlo Grey” inside the Line Hotel in Austin.

Kristen stands as a role model for the youngsters who try to mimic her cooking type or even try to look like her with tattoos & all.

By 2020, Kristen’s net worth stood at a healthy $3 million-plus sum. He also possessed five feet & six inches in height.

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Kristen Kish Wife, Married, Bianca

While some of her fans still might not have believed Kristen Kish to be a lesbian, but she was never in doubt about her sexual preferences.

Kristin followed her passion in life and everything followed as she pleased. She established a sound career for herself in cooking and it was the turn for some love.

Kristen-Kish-Wife-Engaged-Net Worth-Tattoos-Parents-Bio

Engaged duo Kristen Kish and wife prospect Bianca on Valentines Day 2020 (Pic: Kristen’s Instagram)

After opening her first restaurant in 2018, Kirsten got engaged with Bianca — her girlfriend at the time — in October 2019. She shared the news via Instagram and shocked many of her fans.

Although happy with announcing the engagement, Kristen and future wife Bianca didn’t speak on when the two would get married.

Back in June 2019, Kristen had labeled Biana “my forever date.”

Before Biana, Kristen called Jacqueline Westbrook her partner. In March 2019, she opened up about their dating life first time via Instagram.

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