The popular ABC show, Fantasy Island, which aired from 1977 to 1984, was memorable for a lot of people. The show followed the mysterious Mr. Roarke and his assistant Tattoo, who ran a resort island that could fulfill any fantasies requested by the guests, but for a big price.

The first season of Fox’s modern-day reboot of Fantasy Island has started airing on the TV network. You can watch new episodes of Fantasy Island every Tuesday at 9 pm EST on Fox.

The inaugural episode of the series introduced the viewers to an entirely new cast of characters. One of the characters the viewers met in the first episode is Ruby, played by the amazing Kiara Barnes.

Learn about Kiara’s character and her upcoming journey on Fantasy in the wiki article below. Also, get insights into Kiara’s family, job, and husband.

Kiara Barnes On Fantasy Island

Though Kiara’s character, Ruby only came to the island as a guest with her husband, Mel, her stay will be longer than what viewers expected.

As a 75-year old woman with terminal cancer, Ruby and her husband came to the island looking to grab the opportunity to reconnect with each other before it’s too late for them.

As it should have happened, the couple were transformed into the bodies of their 20s and enjoyed the benefits that came with being young. While the pair’s original intent was to come to terms with Ruby’s pending death, Ruby decided to get a tattoo on the island which ultimately increased her stay at the island.

Ruby’s decision to get the tattoo made her take the role of Tattoo from the original Fantasy Island. That means Ruby will now serve as Elena Roarke’s right-hand for the rest of the season.

“In our mythology, there is always a Roarke family member who is the custodian of the island, and that person always has a second. That second always has a very particular tattoo,” showrunner Sarah Fain told TVLine.

The showrunner further believes that the arrival of Ruby on the island will help both of them grow.  While viewers will see Ruby continue to battle her past demons, they will also see Elena Roarke confront her past.

Fantasy Island’s showrunner, Elizabeth Craft told, “The arrival of Ruby is really the inciting incident for Elena to start opening up and developing more relationships on the island,” to the TVLine.

Kiara Barnes Age

Born in the year 1995 in Salt Lake City, Utah, the United States, actress Kiara Barnes was 26 years of age as of Aug 2021. Kiara celebrates her birthday on the 20th of June every year. Kiara’s zodiac sign is Gemini.

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Her Real Hair, Teeth, Eyes

If you follow Kiara on Instagram, you can notice that Fantasy Island recently had a small change in her appearance. The long, curly black hair has changed into short, somewhat brown hair.

Her teeth and eyes, however, have remained the same. Teeth, the elegant white pearls, and eyes, beautiful hazel colored.

Kiara Barnes Height

Actress Kiara Barnes stands at a rather short height of 5 feet 3 inches and weighs close to 50 kilograms.

Kiara Barnes Parents

Kiara Barnes has a very close relationship with her parents despite being away from them. Reportedly, Kiara’s father is African-American by ethnicity and her mother is Irish. Kiara’s grandmother’s name is Maureen.

What’s more, Kiara had support from her parents when it came to chasing her career and dreams.

Other than her parents, Kiara has at least two brothers in her family. One of her brother’s names is Kaden. (Klonopin)

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Kiara was already a popular personality on the Internet ahead of her Fantasy Island stint.

Kiara can be found on all three popular social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Out of these three platforms, Kiara was most popular on Instagram. As of August 2021, Kiara had 35.1 thousand followers on her @kiarabarnesofficial Instagram account, 5.7 thousand followers on Facebook, and 3 thousand followers on her @KiaraBarnes_ Twitter account.

Kiara Barnes Net Worth

By 2021, Kiara Barnes had over $1 million in net worth.

Before Kiara made her career as an actress, she was a model. She advertised several popular fashion brands like Maybelline, Sephora, Adidas, Nike, DKNY, to name a few. Kiara had also appeared in the commercial for the iPhone X. She was managed by Elite Model Management.

Her first work as an actress came in a TV series, Stuck With You (2020). She played the role of Octavia in two episodes. Later, in the same year, she starred as Clarissa in The Wrong Wedding Planner.

Kiara had her big break in the popular CBS soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. She played the role of Zoe Buckingham in it.

Apart from being an actress and a model, Kiara is a talented musician. She released her EP, Sirens to the Moon, in 2018. Sirens to the Moon featured songs such as Girl At The Party, Secret Garden, Dark Spell, Evolving. Kiara’s songs are available to stream on both Spotify and iTunes.

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Kiara Barnes Husband

As of August 2021, it looked like Kiara Barnes was unmarried and thus had no husband.

We also don’t know the name of the man Kiara is dating now if she is into that game. However, Kiara is close to her The Bold and the Beautiful co-star, Adain Bradley. Up and rising actor, Adain, who played the role of Xander Avant in the long-running CBS soap opera, has already been featured in Kiara’s social two times, so far.

All that said, Kiara often tweets about things that she likes in a boy. From all of her tweets, one thing is sure, Kiara is into black men with beards.

Some major turn-ons for Kiara are a good sense of humor, athletic body, good style, good smell, light skin, and eyes.

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