Anubis Finch persona of Charles Finch joined RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2021 which premiered on BBC Three. So, fans are excited to learn more about him, his real name, his journey as a drag, and his age.

We cover it all on this Anubis Finch Wiki.

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Anubis Finch On RuPaul’s Drag Race

Anubis Finch started doing drag in 2018 and had an experience of two and a half years as of 2021. However, he started performing at a very young age. So, Anubis feels that he has been doing drag his whole life. With his powerful vocal made of four-octave range, quick sense of humor, and showmanship, he was ready to win the hearts of fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

So, what inspired him to become a drag? As Anubis stated that he always loved theatre, music, fashion, wigs, singing, dancing, and comedy and drag was the only real career that incorporated all of my different passions. She chose drag as his career.

Talking about his participation in RuPaul’s Drag Race, Anubis shared that being on the show was monumental. It allowed him to fulfill a dream that he had since he was 11. He first watched the US show and looked up to amazing Drag Race queens such as Sasha Velour and Bob The Drag Queen.

Anubis couldn’t believe that he had become one of the families and the drag community. That for him was genuinely mind-blowing. He hoped that he could resonate with someone too, and be someone’s Sasha Velour or Bob The drag queen.

Anubis Finch Age

Anubis Finch turned 20 years old on 15 August 2021. He is a Leo by zodiac sign.

His Family, Hometown

Anubis Finch was born to his Egyptian father and his mother Lisa Roz Baitup in his hometown of Luxor, Egypt. Later, he and his family moved to the UK and started living in Seaford, East Sussex, making him of Egyptian-British ethnicity. Plus, he also states that on his Instagram and Twitter bio.

Besides Seaford, Anubis also lived in Brighton and Eastbourne.

According to Facebook, his mother, Lisa hailed from Eastbourne, East Sussex. She attended Seaford Head Community College and graduated as a class of 1996. Later on, Lisa worked at Seaford Head Community College. Furthermore, she has been working at Party On! at Blainies Barbers since 2014.

According to, Anubis lost his father when he was 16 years old. Going by his Facebook posts, he had maintained a close relationship with his father. So, as a way to remember him and grieve his loss, he often featured him on his socials.

After Anubis’s father passed away, his mother started dating her new boyfriend Ross Towner.

Anubis Finch allegedly has two brothers Pete and Alan, but it is yet to be confirmed. He is also connected with other family members on his Facebook.

Anubis Finch Real Name

Charles Monet Finch is the real name of Anubis Finch. According to, he adopted the name Anubis because he wanted something that referenced his Egyptian heritage. As an homage to his father, Anubis wanted a name so Anubis who is the Egyptian god of the afterlife sounded more fitting.

So, used the name Anubis as a tribute to his father.

Anubis Finch Height

Anubis Finch stands tall at the height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters).

His Instagram, TikTok

On TikTok Anubis Finch goes by the handle name (@anubisfinch). He gathered 54 followers on his TikTok and posted only one video where he earned 23 likes. On Instagram (@anubisfinch), he gathered 24.2k followers. He posted 102 times on the platform.

On Twitter, Anubis goes by the name (@AnubisFinch). 1254 people followed him on Twitter where he had 179 tweets in total. On Facebook, he gathered 325 people who entertained his posts on his page.

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Anubis Finch Job, Net Worth

Outside of the entertainment industry, Anubis Finch has the job of Production Operator at Plastech.

According to the personal Facebook of Anubis Finch, he went to Seaford Head School. Later, from 2013 to 2019, he attended The Theatre Workshop. Moreover, he joined East Essex College where he studied theatre and graduated in 2019.

Over the years, Anubis Finch has tried his hand at several career paths. Growing up in East Sussex, he struggled with body confidence. However, the passing away of his father brought clarity to his life.

Anubis gained the confidence that was required to perform and he earned it. He has been practicing and performing it ever since. As he shared with, Anubis’ typical show would be about a lot of chaos. The fans could watch him do some gymnastics, live vocals, lots of jazz, and musical theatre.

Anubis has performed from Italy to New York and across the UK at venues such as The Brighton Dome, the Jersey Opera House, and the O2. He is known for his uniquely jazzy vocals and outlandish, conceptual performances involving outrageous outfits and impeccable comedic timing.

He sees his persona Anubis as the mix of Miranda Hart, Lady Gaga, Cruella De Vil, and a weird & wonderful Dr. Suess character into a colorful blender.

Besides his persona as a drag queen, Anubis is also a singer who started his career in music when he was 14 years old. His main genre of music was Alternative/Pop. His vocal ability was inspired by singers such as Sia and Dinah Washington.

He debuted his EP Anubis on multiple kinds of music streaming and purchasing sites such as SoundCloud and Apple Music. The track EP was filled with songs like Flutter, Jelly, Skin, Sunbathing, and Wallpaper.

Other than that, Anubis was also on YouTube with 422 subscribers and 12 videos. Other than his phenomenal performances, he also attracted net worth with merch sales.

Anubis Finch reportedly built a total net worth of nearly $100 thousand with his multiple jobs.

Anubis Finch Partner

Based on Anubis Finch’s Facebook, he is interested in both men and women. Therefore, he must be bi-sexual (and not gay). He appeared on his socials getting cozy with several individuals but there was no info on his partner.

Just by depending on his socials, it concluded his relationship status. But coming back to his Facebook, Anubis Finch’s relationship status stated that he was single as of Aug 2021.

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