Ken Kemp is the only son of socialite and philanthropist, Anna Shay. Anna appeared on Netflix’s reality show Bling Empire. Ever since then, her life and relationship have been the center of focus.

This wiki is based on the life of Ken Kemp, the son of socialite and philanthropist Anna Shay. Delve into this article to learn more about him.

Ken Kemp Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Ken Kemp was reportedly born in 1994. Based on that, he turned 26 years old as of the time of this writing.

However, Ken Kemp never shared the precise date of his birth. This fact alone restricted information on his zodiac sign.

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Ken Kemp Anna Shay, Father, Family

Kenneth Kemp was born to her father Kenny Kemp and his mother Anna Shay. As implied, Ken was named after his father. He is the grandson of Ai-San & Edward A. Shay.

More on his parents: Anna is the daughter of billionaire parents. Her prominence spread far and wide after Netflix announced her as the new cast of their show Bling Empire.

Anna sits on a total net worth of $600 million. Whereas, Ken has an uncle named Allen Shay and Dr. Jun Oizumi. Anna and Allen sold their company to Lockheed Martin at $1.2 billion.

Previously, Anna also served as the board member of the George Lopez Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to raise awareness about kidney disease.

Ken lost his beloved grandmother Ai Oizumi Shay on 25 September 2015. Ken’s grandfather was an American businessman and Engineer who founded Pacific Architects and Engineers and served as CEO and chairman of the company until his passing away in 1995.

Other family members of Ken Kemp includes Alexander Yahovich, Ai Shay’s grandfather, a Russian Count, and Russian Ambassador to China and Japan.

At the time of penning this wiki, Ken Kemp resides in Beverley Hills, California.

His Height, Weight

Coming to Ken Kemp’s physical attributes, he stood tall at a height of 6 feet (1.82 meters). Whereas, he weighed about 76 kilograms (167 lbs) as listed on entertainment news outlets.

Not only Ken is blessed with a gorgeous appearance and good looks, but he is also blessed with an attractive personality and is definitely a gentleman.

His Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

It might come as a surprise to many to know that Ken Kemp isn’t very interested in being on social media. He could only be located on Facebook where he posted every once in a while. But other than that, he has no interest in being on other social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram. This is one thing that, Ken Kemp has in common with his mother Anna Shay.

Though he doesn’t own a social media account, he appeared on a few of Anna Shay’s Instagram account. The very first post on Anna’s Instagram is of her son having fun with his friends and the other one of him posing with his mother. This suggested the close relationship between Anna Shay and her son Ken Kemp.

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Ken Kemp Net Worth, Job, House

As reported by BuzzFeed.News, Ken Kemp earned prominence as a passionate stoner and collector of bongs that worth almost half a million in total.

His collection of legally paid for pipes, marbles, pendants, and tubes representing different creatures, skulls, and Nintendo characters are changing in values with time. He kept it all hidden in a vault within his mom’s grand Beverly Hills mansion.

Since he doesn’t associate with the weed industry not making him a typical customer. But, Ken is definitely pocketing profits with the increase in the value of his collections.

Moreover, being the only son of Anna Shay, he is the sole heir to millions of dollars that his mother Anna accumulated from her cut from the sales of the company. Moreover, Ken’s mother gifted him a mansion worth $5.75 million.

The Tuscan-style was previously owned by Phil McGraw and his wife Robin. However, they purchased it for their son Jordan McGraw in 2007. The manor is located on Sunset Boulevard.

Reportedly, the villa also belonged to mobster Tony Milano and was also home to Shirley Temple. As for Anna Shay, she kept a very low profile until Bling Empire and owned a $9.35 million mansion which after renovation worth about $15 million.

Does Ken Kemp Appear On Bling Empire?

Unlike Anna Shay who is one of the lead casts of Netflix’s show Bling Empire, Ken Kemp makes a brief appearance on the show. But as a supporting character, he doesn’t get enough screen time in the show.

Is Ken Kemp Married Or Dating?

Based on the basic info of Ken Kemp, he falls under the spectrum of a bi-sexual. He reported on Facebook that he is interested in both men and women. So, is he bisexual? Well, that question hasn’t been addressed as of this writing.

More on his relationship, Ken Kemp is dating a model named Nikki Trivino. Based on his Facebook, they started dating in July of 2011.

However, his inactiveness on social media didn’t allow the readers to know whether they are still in a relationship or not. As per Niki’s Facebook, both the pair seem highly interested in pot smoking.

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