Kaysar Ridha has always been the fan-favorite among the stars in the reality show Big Brother. The fans of the show voted him time and again as a house-guests but got kicked out time and again.

The history repeated once again in Big Brother 22, but this time it was a little different than his past appearances. To know more about what has changed, delve into this wiki-article.

Age, Birthday, Zodiac

As stated in Famous Birthdays, Kaysar Ridha owned Leo as a zodiac sign. He shared his birthday with actress Rosanna Arquette falling on 10 August. He turned 40 years old while celebrating his birthday in August of 2020.

Kaysar Ridha Ethnicity, Religion, Family

Kaysar Ridha is well-known for being very private about his personal details. Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Kaysar shared little to no details on his parents, and his social media don’t hit anything that is remotely related to his family.

However, Kaysar always proudly recognized himself as a man who follows Shea Muslim religion. And with his origination in the Middle East, he embodies everything good Iraqi-American ethnicity has to offer to the world.

Speaking more on his upbringing, Kaysar stated that he often got bullied for his exotic characteristic including his religious faith and appearances. And as it got worse, he pushed himself toward introversion.

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Kaysar Ridha Height, Weight, Distinct Feature

A tall man with a towering height of 6 feet 2 inches (1.87 meters), Kaysar Ridha’s body length paralleled with notable personalities such as President Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and including several other Hollywood celebrities.

Moreover, he maintained the height-weight ratio weighing 80 kilograms (176 lbs) which made him look dashing in anything he wished to put on. He has thick eyebrows, dense hair on the scalp, and dimple covered by his facial hair that elected as his distinct features.

What’s more, he was voted second for the Reality Blurred’s Sexiest Reality Stars of 2006 competition. Not only that, but Reality News Online also placed him fourth on the Reality TV’s 25 Most Fascinating Stars.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, Facebook

Kaysar saw his social media followers sky-rocketed once he debuted on the reality show, Big Brother. His Instagram account boasted 39.1k followers where he made only 51 posts at the time of this writing.

On the other hand, his Twitter profile earned his equally impressive 41.7k followers at the same time. Likewise, he also garnered a Facebook account with 749 followers.

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Kaysar Ridha Job, Net Worth, Education

After completing his high school, Kaysar Ridha attended and graduated with a BA degree in Economics. But rather than taking a route to be a banker or statistician, he built his whole career out of graphic designing.

Kaysar initiated his designing career working as a freelancer. During that time, he helped businesses from brand strategies, worked in the premium clothing line, and conducted research in the FMCG business. His career as a freelancer lasted for a little above 5 years.

Following that, Kaysar joined Perficient as a senior consultant of design. He worked for the company for almost three years.

After stepping down from the company in 2012, Kaysar took a tech-entrepreneurial route co-founding Friendship. He, later on, went on to work in Collective Six, Socialplex  Inc., General Assembly, and Qordoba.

His career also included a brief stint on Facebook as a Product Designer followed by con-founding another company named Zbooni. But, starting from September 2018, he began working as Vice President of Digital Product in Evolus in Newport Beach, California.

As for his career in the reality shows and entertainment industry as a whole, Kaysar started as a houseguest in season 6 of Big Brother (2005).

He faced eviction after a vote of 7 to 1 on Day 33 but returned back in Day 40 with the help of fan votes. He once again got evicted after being betrayed with a unanimous vote of 7-0 as he finished 10th place.

Kaysar re-returned on Big Brother 7 and finished 10th again after being evicted. He returned back once again in Big Brother 22 and finished 13th in 2020. All 10 house-guests of Big Brother kicked him out.

But all exhausted with co-participants’ misbehavior, he left the house leaving behind a bold statement that read,

“Now, when it comes to game play and strategy, I think you guys all suck. Here’s why.”

He opened up about the underlying alliances in between that they weren’t aware about. And he swore that he knew he would be kicked out and desired no cash prize.

His only goal was to tell people that there is no win-win situation in the division and other options also existed at the same time.

By September 2020, Kaysar Ridha boasted a total net worth of $2.5 million.

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Kaysar Ridha Wife, Married, Kids

Kaysar Ridha has committed himself to his wife Haseena Qudrat-Ridha. The couple tied knots while ago and went on to become proud parents of their son, who was probably around 4 years old.

The married couple has been secretive about their relationship and hasn’t unfolded much regarding their marriage. Like Kaysar, his wife is also building quite an impressive followers with 4419 on his Twitter account and 368 followers on her Instagram.

As for the situation inside Big Brother house, Haseena jumped into a little misunderstanding Kaysar and Bayleigh Dayton had between them as they were friends to start with. Bay thought of Kaysar’s reminder of BB 20 as a condescending behavior and argued with him.

When fans of Kaysar abrupted on Bay for that, Haseena defended her with a clarification that she withdrew frustration from Kaysar trying to mentor her.

Haseena wrote a lengthy post noting that sometimes people need to figure things out themselves. She further clarified that Bay and Kaysar are friends and Bay is talking to him the same way friends talk to each other.

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