Katie Flood is turning heads after she debuted in BravoTV’s reality show Below Deck Mediterranean. She is a heck of a beauty who even compelled one of the cast from season 4 of the show to tattoo her face in his arms. So who is that man?

Learn all about it in this Katie Flood Wiki where we cover details on her boyfriend, net worth, age, and other details on her family members.

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Katie Flood Age, Birthday

On 25 December 2016, Katie posted on her Instagram: “25 on the 25th #orphanschristmas 🎄.” That was four years ago, and Katie Flood is 29 years old as of June 2021. Her birthday falls every year on 25 December. Per that info, she secured Capricorn as her zodiac sign.

Katie Flood Parents, Siblings

Born to her father Colin Flood, Katie Flood hailed from New Zealand. There are no records of her mother and aren’t even featured on her socials so there’s got to be a story that we don’t know yet about her.

Nevertheless, we know a few things about at least one of her parents. Her father, Colin attended Otahuhu College and owns UpStyle Interiors Ltd in January of 2016 in Auckland. Before that, he had owned NC Kitchens Ltd for a little above 20 years.

Colin also worked as Estimator/Account Manager for Shares and Mac Limited for two years. Furthermore, he also worked as Operations Manager for Fusion Interiors from April 2013 to October 2013. Whereas, from October 2013 to February 2015, he worked as Factory Manager for Image Interiors.

Katie has at least one brother named Jason Flood. Jason attended Sacred Heart College. He worked as Scaffolder at Trio Services Pty Ltd (May 2008 to Sep 2009), PPW Engineering Pty Ltd (Aug 2009-Jan 2010), MAS Australasia (Feb 2010-Nov 2010), Cape plc (Dec 2010-Mar 2011), RCR Tomlinson (Apr 2011-Nov 2011), Site Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd (Jan 2012-Dec 2012), CBH Resources Limited (Jan 2013-Dec 2013), Mightylagg Services Pty Ltd (Apr 2013-Dec 2013), and MHPS Plant Services Pty Ltd (Jan 2014-Jan 2015).

Jason has been working as operations manager at SEPT Limited since February of 2018.

Her Height, Measurements

From the height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters) to a bodyweight of 56 kilograms (123 lbs), Katie Flood has a perfect body and face to make it a supermodel. With her highlighted hair, her beauty was further accentuated.

On top of that, Katie’s measurements of 33-25-35 inches further added to her natural beauty.

Katie Flood On Below Deck

In 2021, Katie Flood made her debut in Below Deck Mediterranean as a chief stewardess. She joined Lady Michelle under the leadership of Captain Sandy Yawn and is here to spice things up for the fans.

On the teaser of BravoTV’s show, Katie was already ready to put on boxing gloves against her fellow stew, Lexi Wilson. With her years of yachting experience, she could confirm one thing for sure and that was “s–t happens.”

But, it’s not like she has made everyone enemies, she found friendship with Malia White. As Katie shared with E! News, she “would have not survived” without Malia. She admired her for her doing her job. In the show, she cried but admitted that she wouldn’t wanna watch herself in tears and certainly her mom wouldn’t.

Katie told E! News, “I am a human. I do have emotions. Things do affect me.” She further added, “You know, there’s so much pressure in this role, and then it’s like, you add the lack of sleep, the demanding guests, the drinking, like, all this stuff. It sort of boils up, and that’s when you have these emotional moments.”

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Katie Flood Net Worth

Katie Flood sits on an estimated net worth of $200 thousand. Scroll down to learn how she was able to accumulate such an impressive figure.

But before that, let’s talk about her academic qualifications. She attended St Cuthbert’s College in 2009. While there, Katie was involved as a director of Shakespeare’s soiree. She was also a stage challenge stage team and performer. She also managed talent quests, school plays, and was a valued representative and representative of the student council.

Katie graduated from college in 2009.

A year after, Katie joined Auckland University of Technology. She studied Marketing and Event Management and secured her BA degree in 2013. By the time she had earned her bachelor’s degree, Katie had already started working in Mesh Marketing Pty Ltd.

Kati started her job as Marketing Coordinator/Promotional Staff at Mesh Marketing Pty Ltd in July of 2010. She kept on working for the company for 3 years and 9 months before she quitted her job to become stewardess in Super Yachts.

Her yachting career was initiated in April of 2014 and was continuing as of 2021.

Besides yachting, Katie had also landed a few gigs as a model for fashion brands and also walked the runway. She was represented by 62 Management.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Until June 2021 Katie Flood was on Instagram with a burgeoning 3583 followers. On the platform, she posted a total of 298 times. Whereas, She was on Facebook where she was is friends with 1.1k people. However, she hadn’t posted anything new since January of 2020.

Katie Flood Boyfriend

While Katie Flood might not be comfortable about sharing details on her past relationship, she surely spilled a few bread crumbs on her Instagram. Back in 2017, she had a tall handsome hunk for a boyfriend. She posted a photo of herself with her boyfriend in front of the Royal Palace of Madrid.


Katie Flood and tattoo of her inked by Jack Stirrup (Pic: Katie’s Instagram)

In February 2015, Katie posted a photo of herself and a side-by-side snap of the same photo as a tattoo on an arm. She wrote in the caption: “When some crazy cat you have known for 2weeks decides to get your face tattooed on him forever #inked #doyouwantmybabiestoo #losttheplot”

So, who was the “crazy cat?”

It was none other than Jack Stirrup, a deckhand from season 4 of the show. The couple dated for a year and a half. But, they ended the relationship without revealing any cause behind it.

Katie clarified that she and her boyfriend, Jack were young and passionate about the relationship to actually work.

But, as of June 2021, Katie seemed single and ready to mingle.

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  2. […] casts and was aboard on Lady Michelle as a deckhand. Joining him are Chef Mathew Shea, chief stew Katie Flood, second stew Lexi Wilson, third stew Courtney Veale, David Pascoe, and Lloyd […]

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