The TikTok star JoRobe, who amassed more than 5 million followers within 2 years of opening his TikTok account, was subjected to grooming allegations in July 2021. Moreover, the accusation also reportedly came with leaked screenshots of his chats.

So, what was going on? Stay with this JoRobe [TikTok] Wiki to find out.

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JoRobe [TikTok] Leaked

JoRobe was accused of being “one of the biggest hypocrites” by his fellow TikTok user Dylan, or @dylg16 at the end of July 2021. He claimed that JoRobe used his influence over the platform to and prey upon underage boys (including Dylan himself).

According to JoRobe, he stayed quiet “for the past eight months” because he thought that he was the only one. But as times passed on, he began to find out that there were “multiple people that John had groomed.”

“John does not deserve to have any type of platform because if he does, he will continue this behavior and will not stop preying on teenagers. He is a disgusting and terrible person,” Dylan remarked.

According to Dylan, JoRobe first approached him through Snapchat and invited him to a Zoom call with his other TikTok friends later. Eventually, JoRobe allegedly invited him to meet in an AirBnb for his 18th birthday (which was a few months away).

Thinking it was a good opportunity to meet other people, Dylan agreed, but little did he know that JoRobe had other plans. For the birthday night, JoRobe allegedly offered to buy the minor alcohol and asked he wouldn’t mind if they stayed in one bedroom Airbnb.

Dylan didn’t talk about what happened later, but he did share that JoRobe continued to push him about Airbnb for months before suddenly stopping without explanation.

Finally, after Dylan’s friends confronted him and opened his eyes that he was being “groomed”, he cut off ties with JoRobe.

Also, as per “LADbible”, JoRobe pressured Dylan into creating an OnlyFans account; and we all know what that’s used for.

So, after opening up, fans — though shocked — supported Dylan’s accusations. A few of the victims even came up with leaked screenshots of JoRobe’s chats. Since it wasn’t confirmed that the leaked pictures were 100% authentic, we haven’t including them here.

If you want to learn more about JoRobe’s grooming allegations, do check the thread over Reddit titled “What’s the deal with Tiktoker JoRobe being exposed?”. It had multiple people commenting on their stories claimed that JoRobe was a pedophile.

JoRobe [TikTok] Age

JoRobe was born on August 13, 1993. That made him 27 years of age when he was amidst the grooming allegations in 2021.

Corresponding to his birthday, JoRobe is of the Leo zodiac.

His Real Name, Family

JoRobe’s real name is John Robert Bell. Just in case you haven’t figured it out — Jo starts for John, Ro for Robert, and Be for Bell. Thus, JoRobe.

As for his family, JoRobe didn’t like sharing much about them. However, in May 2020, the information about his parents was leaked, and obviously, he was pretty upset about it. 

Although unknown, back in the day, fans praised used to JoRobe’s parents for “raising him right”. Well, it’s a whole nother story now.

Trivia: JoRobe’s grandfather passed away in October 2020. Many fans sent their condolences to JoRobe and his family that month (physically and virtually).

Mentioning JoRobe’s nationality, he is American. 

JoRobe [TikTok] Height, Distinct Features

JoRobe stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm). His distinct features include brown eyes, reddish facial hairs, and half-frame glasses.

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His Instagram, Twitter

After being accused of grooming behavior in July 2021, JoRobe deactivated all of his social media accounts. Previously, he flaunted 5.7M followers over his TikTok sprint between his accounts @jorobe and @jorobeirl.

Information about his Instagram @johnbellofficial, Facebook, and Twitter @johnbell1993 wasn’t shared.

However, his eponymous Youtube channel that entertained 47.5K subscribers was still active then.

Did you know: JoRobe had a cat that he often posted about in his IG.

JoRobe [TikTok] Net Worth

JoRobe garnered a net worth of above $500 thousand by 2021.

It was June 2019, when JoRobe stepped into TikTok and soon shot to popularity through his comedic sketches and flute videos. However, what really got him up in the lights was his clips that called out other content creators; especially “That Vegan Teacher” and “The Brandon Robert.

Also, his way of keeping things “politically correct in his commentary videos” and his mission to “make social media feel like a safe place for young people,” was appreciated by many.

JoRobe [TikTok] Boyfriend

JoRobe cherished privacy in his personal life and didn’t like the idea of discussing his boyfriend over the internet. And now, it’s also evidently clear the reason for that.

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