HGTV fans are well-acquainted with home renovator pair Erin and Ben Napier of HGTV series Home Town. While only the long-time viewers of the show may remember Jonathan Walters who worked with the Napier-pair closely as a project manager.

Now, in Jan 2021, Home Town dropped its fifth season with sixteen episodes. Suffice to say, the HGTV fans were missing Jonathan. Keep scrolling and read about his wife, parents, and height.

Why Did Jonathan Walters Leave Home Town?

In November 2019, Home Town‘s host Erin announced Jonathan won’t be appearing in the show’s fourth season. At the time, he had said, Jonathan, instead took a new opportunity in Florida, in the town where he grew up.

So, the project manager, a fan-favorite on the show, had returned home to the Sunshine State, to focus full-time on custom building and renovation projects in Southwest Florida.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Home Town’s Jonathan Walters reportedly turned 35 years of age in 2020. As such, he was probably born in 1985. Also, there didn’t seem to be an accurate report on his birthday and zodiac.

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Jonathan Walters Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Jonathan was born in Laurel, Mississippi to his parents Wayne and Cheryl Walters who now lived in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Cheryl Walters is a teacher at Grace Community School of Hattiesburg.

Jonathan has two siblings, two sisters and a brother. His sister, Kristy Walters Wells, was the assistant director and owner of Grace Community School & Daycare in Alabama. Kristy studied Christian Education at Patriot Bible University and Business management at Jones County Junior College. As of Feb 2021, she seemed happy being a mother.

On the other hand, Jonathan had a brother, living in Monroe, Louisiana, and comparatively leading a quiet social media life. Then again, the other sister Susanna could not even be found on any of the socials.

As a family, the Walters seemed like a tightly knitted bunch.

Jonathan Walters Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Jonathan Walters stands 6′ 2″ tall in height and a lately reported weight of under 88 kg. Almost like forever, the home renovator sported short hair and a neatly kept beard. And it seemed over the years, dark sunglasses and caps have been his favorite accessories.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Jonathan was making his way in the social media world, with nearly 5k followers on Instagram and lesser on his Twitter and Facebook profiles.

Besides, sharing a now and then glimpse of his family, he was Instagramming more about home designs and fine home building concepts.

Jonathan Walters Net Worth, HGTV, Career

As said by Jonathan Walters’s bio, he has been a licensed General Contractor in Mississippi for more than a decade. Besides, he certainly landed fame for those personal appearances in 34 episodes of HGTV’s Hometown, seasons 1-3.

The last time we heard, he was in process of studying to become a licensed contractor in the state of Florida.

Anyway, from his construction career, which began at the age of 17, Jonathan Walters was said to earn over $500 thousand. A renowned public speaker, Jonathan charged $5 thousand for a speaking gig.

Jonathan Walters Wife, Kids, Adoption

By now, it is apparent that Jonathan Walters is a family guy. He enjoyed spending time with his wife and kids.


Jonathan Walters with his wife and kids on Oct. 10, 2020 (PIC: Jonathan’s IG)

On 2020’s mother’s Day, Jonathan praised his wife, Gabrielle, in an Instagram post writing,

“Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful bride! All of your boys love you tremendously, and I’m so glad that the Lord picked you to be my wife and their mother. They couldn’t have asked for a better mother than you!”

Jonathan married beautiful Gabrielle Johnson Walters on July 11, 2009.

About Gabrielle: She continued working at Landis Supermarket since August 2018. She studied at Montgomery County Community College and before that, went to Upper Perkiomen High School. As of Jan 2021, she kept her Instagram private but publicly shared her activities on Facebook.

So far we know, the Walters family lived in Purvis, a city in Lamar County, Mississippi. And, some time ago, they survived one of life’s biggest challenges. It was November 30, 2015, when Jonathan and his wife lost their then only child Jonathan Brooks Walters.

Born on June 10, 2014, baby Jonathan was only 17-month-old when he passed away at Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital.

National Speakers Bureau used the words “medically fragile child” when mentioning Jonathan’s only biological kid. The rest of his three kids, Matthew, Eli, and Isaac, all boys, were adopted. On the 1st of November 2018, he had announced “we have finalized the adoption of not one, but TWO little boys today!”.

“The Walters’ home has literally doubled overnight! It is not lost on Gabrielle & myself that the Lord took one son away but has provided not one but two little boys to us as sons.”

Jonathan continued to say, the two boys were aged the same what Brooks (their late-boy) would have been. Though, he also stressed the young ones were not replacements for Brooks but simply an addition to his and Gabrielle’s lives.

Moving on, the last addition to the family was a really adorable little boy, they took home on May 22, 2019, as the judges stroke their pens.

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