Pete Bennett won the 7th season of “Big Brother” and turned into a household name. Beyond his career as a reality star, he is also a musician and an actor.

Continue reading and find out what Pete Bennett is doing now. Also, discover if he is dead or alive. Furthermore, get familiar with his net worth and wife.

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Is Pete Bennett Dead Or Alive?

As of 2021, Peter Bennett was still alive. April that year, his former girlfriend and “Big Brother” co-star, Nikki Grahame passed away. She was battling anorexia for a long time.

After Nikki’s death, Peter mourned her in a heartbreaking Instagram video. In the selfie video, the reality star began— “We got loads of money and the amount of love and support for Nikki was overwhelming. I thought to myself, yeah, we can save her. But it’s OK. she’s in a good place. She’s not suffering anymore.”

Holding up a bottle of wine, Peter continued— “So I would just like to raise an f–king glass, an f–king bottle of wine, more like, for Nikki Grahame and all the love from us at Big Brother 7 that we really love you, Nikki. You were a true winner, nan. You f–ing rock it, babes.”

He then added— “Just want to say, we’ll miss you, babe… See you later Nikki. Bye.”

In an accompanying caption, Peter wrote— “Im gutted, we have lost a true character, my bb7 posse feel like we’ve lost a family member, our series just wouldn’t have been the same without her.”

He continued— “Even through our ups and downs we have remained close through the years, and it was so nice to visit again recently with my girlfriend, sing Kate bush songs and have fun like the good old days! I’m just sad that it was the last song we ever sang 😔”

Pete ended the post by thanking Nikki for the memories.

Nikki Grahame And Pete Bennett

Pete Bennett met her future boyfriend, Nikki Grahame during her time at “Big Brother”. They fell for one another in the house. The couple even enjoyed a brief romance after exiting the show.

Before he could become her husband, Pete Bennett broke up with Nikki Grahame. Their relationship didn’t even last more than a month; never mind a year.

Despite the split, Pete and Nikki remained friends. Opening about their brief romance, Nikki claimed they weren’t meant to be but still loved him. She then added— “I hated it when I realized I was falling in love with Pete Bennett. It was never meant to be. But I loved him at the time. Truly, it was special.”


Nikki Grahame and Peter Bennett (Source: Daily Mail)

Weeks before Nikki’s death, Peter visited her in the hospital. Later, he would share a photo of them hugging on Instagram. He captioned the photo with the words— “Pete and Nikki March 2021 ♡ visiting my Nikki and still cuddling to this day :). ( Remember the fundraiser to help get her into a specialist anorexia clinic is in my bio! #savenikkig.”

Pete Bennett Wife, Gemma Costin

After his romance with Nikki Grahane ended, Pete Bennett began dating his friend, Gemma Costin. Gemma Costin would later become his wife.

Pete and Gemma, popularly known as Cherry, tied the knot in 2010. The couple even their ceremony on “Four Weddings.”

According to this report, Pete and his wife, Gemma are no longer together. The report further states either of the married couple filed for divorce.

Gemma, 35 years old as of 2021, told Daily Star in 2006 that her affair with Pete began long before he entered the “Big Brother” franchise. Speaking about his manhood and their sex life, she said—  “He’s huge. It’s just mind-bogglingly large. We were all on the bed when I yanked down his pants and blimey – I was stunned. It was the biggest thing I have seen in my life. He also spanked me.”

From what we could gather, Gemma and Pete didn’t seem to share any kids from their marriage.

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Pete Bennett Net Worth

Until April 2021, Pete Bennett enjoyed a net worth of under $500 thousand. Sources close to him had yet to confirm his fortune.

Appearing on “Big Brother Uncut” in 2006, Pete shot to international fame. Even though he won the season with the 60% finale vote, many believed the show was exploiting his Tourette’s syndrome.

With the “Big Brother” win, Pete took home $130 thousand. He also splurged $500 thousand for a house. What’s more, Pete reportedly donated more than $610 thousand to the Tourettes Syndrome Action.

As a writer, Pete published an autobiography titled “Pete: My Story” in 2006. The following year, he reissued the same book in paperback as “My Journey With Tourettes.”

Growing up, Pete wanted to be a London bus driver. Once his Tourettes took over, he focused on his musical talents to fight the challenges. Later, he was part of two bands: “Daddy Fantastic” and “Pete Bennett and the Love Dogs”.

Circa 2016, Pete launched his business called “Celebriclean”. For $130 an hour, he offered a wide range of services including ironing clothes and mowing the lawn. The business, in the end, didn’t prove to a profitable endeavor.

In 2019, Pete relocated to Bristol from Brighton. There, she began hosting a karaoke night.

Pete Bennett Now

As of now (2021), Pete Bennett was busy filming multiple movies including “Meet the Cadavers,” “Losing Faith,” “Tales of the Creeping Death,” and “Rotten”.

With several projects on the pipeline, Pete was certainly on the right path. Less than 5 years ago, the reality star appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show and claimed he was homeless and addicted to Drugs.

Pete told Jeremy Kyle— “The work dried up pretty fast, no one would touch me with a barge pole because I was to do with Big Brother. I lost it all. It all kind of went wrong, it didn’t go to plan. I had all that money and I didn’t know what to do with it. I put it on the wrong things. I was homeless after having so much money, it’s easy to come, easy go. The fame pushed me in a way I didn’t want to go, I didn’t like it.”

Opening about his addiction, Pete shared he got into drugs around 15 years ago. Admittedly, Ketamine was his addiction. He even went to receive proper help for it.

Pete further added— “I’m in a better place than I am, it would be nice to have my mates here and all that, I’ve been through a lot of loss. I’ve got into acting and I’ve got into films, my Tourette’s has calmed down. Hollywood is next.”

How Old Is He?

Pete Bennett reached the age of 39 years old in March 2021.

How Tall Is He?

To mention her height, Pete Bennett is 5′ 8″ (1.73 m) tall.

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