James DeSantis is one of the main cast in the exterior design show Bravo TV‘s Backyard Envy. The first season of the show that premiered in January of 2019 showcased James and his two best friends turned business partners, Melissa Brasier and Garret Magee, help people improve their outdoor spaces.

In early August 2020, the show returned for the second time with many more promising projects.

Together, James, Melissa, and Garrett and his dynamic, co-founded Manscapers, a landscaping firm based in New York. Over the course, they have achieved great success due to their efficient utilization of space and enchanting output. As the trio owner of the company design and landscaping company, they specialize in full outdoor renovation design for the area’s most demanding clients— part of which is stored on the show, in sets of episodes, every season.

Tune in and discover how exactly James and his best friends turned into business partners. At the same time, also get to know James DeSantis, thoroughly and exclusively.

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James DeSantis Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

In Summer 2020, James DeSantis turned 32 years old. He was born in 1988 and grew up celebrating his birthday on 21st March.

As per his date of birth, James embraced Aries as his Sun sign.

James DeSantis Wiki — Dad, Mom, Siblings

James DeSantis comes from a family in upstate New York in a close-knitted lakeside community.

His father David DeSantis worked as a blacksmith, running his own business. James saw how excited his father was of the challenges that came from owning the business.

As a result, James too was sure that he too never would be able to do some 9 to 5 work, sitting in an office. To which, he said:

“There’s an entrepreneurial spirit that my father instilled in me. Any day of owning your own business is better than a day just sitting in an office.”

Beyond these facts, no more details on his parents and siblings were discovered.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

James DeSantis stands to a height of 5 feet and 10 inches. Also, at some point, he weighed 92 kg.

He is a muscular man with well-built, toned muscles, all in the right place. And a brief look into his social media indicated he is a registered yoga instructor.

In a rare photo of him smiling, he quoted Osho and said he was, from that time on, going to work tirelessly to find the true expressive smile.

Also, we noticed he has an immense liking for the color black, to the extent that he was almost never seen in outfits that were not black.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

James DeSantis entertained 12.5 thousand followers on Instagram (until 6th August 2020). Although he had a pretty low key presence on Facebook and seemingly none in the rest of the trending social media platforms.

Besides, he regularly gave his design work updates on the website:

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James DeSantis Net Worth, Manscapers, Education

Growing up in a small town, James soon realized that there was more to life, and with his larger than life ideas, he relocated to New York City.

There, James attended design school and learned how to bring all the visions he had in thoughts, to life.

During the Fashion Institute of Technology days, James met his future business partner Melissa. They partnered and learned everything about the designing world. Eventually, they came to the conclusion that there was more to it than simply interiors.

While in New York he even earned a job with internationally acclaimed retailer Ralph Lauren. And having hustled all over the world, for a while, he returned to his home base to create Manscapers with his best friends Melissa and Garrett.

From his career, James DeSantis allegedly enjoyed around $1.25 million net worth.

James DeSantis Partner, Married, Kids

James DeSantis has been openly gay for a while now. That said, he was yet to be a married man and welcome kids [as of Aug 2020].

On the 5th of August 2020, Kai Cameron, the man James was quarantined with, amid the Coronovirus pandemic (March 2020), took to his Instagram and admitted James as his boyfriend. Attached to a series of pictures of them together, James captioned:

“This is my boyfriend James. I love him and am so proud of him & his best friends so I need everyone to know they have a TV show & the second season premieres TONIGHT on @bravotv at 10pm/9c sooo tune in so u can fall in love with him too 😅”

While a few months back on 21st March (seemingly his birthday), James had shared a picture of them together, in a pool. To this post, he had added hashtags like #gaysofinstagram and #couplegoals.


Kai Cameron confirms his relationship with James DeSantis (PIC: Kai’s IG)

James is a huge advocate of the LGBTQ+ community. He feels the Backyard Envy received such love and support due to the fact that Bravo TV is a very LGBTQ-friendly channel. He said, his entire staff is gay, actually like 95 percent are gay. “Not because for any reason, it’s just that those are the people that we know and who work for us”— he clarified.

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