There are not many in the world that can perfect art forms that they are assigned to, but Emmy Raver-Lampman was destined to become an exception. The American actress earned recognition all over the world for her acting and singing resume. Her iconic role in the musical play “Hamilton” still resided in the minds of people like it was yesterday.

That was the impact Emmy had on whatever she took upon herself. So, if you are interested to know more about her married/dating status, do go through the article.

Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity

Emmy Raver-Lampman was born on 5 September 1988 in Norfolk, Virginia, United States. Her parents Greg & Sharon Raver-Lampman adopted her as a baby and raised her as a single child without siblings. Also, from her biological mother and father, she gained her mixed African and Mexican ethnicity.

Both her parents were highly educated as Greg was a writer/teacher whereas Sharon was a professor. Meanwhile, her mother specialized as a professor for communication disorder and special education which compelled her family to move more often.

Even at a young age, Emmy had already traveled to more than fifty countries and learned many things. However, she completed her studies from the Governor’s School of the Arts and Matthew Fontaine Maury High School were the study was focused on performing arts.

Since Emmy was a child with a temper tantrum, she would often scream songs out loud enough for her neighbor to hear. Then and there, her mother discovered her talent for singing and the same, she enrolled her in Arts school.

In 2012, Emmy graduated from Marymount Manhattan College in New York with a BA degree in Theater. Immediately after, she started working in a theatre company named “The Hurrah Players”.

There, Emmy performed in stage, broadway, and plays which broaden her knowledge and sharpened her skills.

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Emmy Raver-Lampman Height, Weight, Measurements

In terms of physical appearance and measurements, Emmy Raver-Lampman maintains a staggering body for herself.

Standing at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, she maintains a weight of 60kgs. This makes her a slim and attractive personality. Also, she complements her physical features with a unique style.

Emmy can pull for a nose ring with her hair side-cropped with tight curls on the other side. These distinctive features made her instantly recognizable by the people.

Is Emmy Raver-Lampman Married Or Dating? Partner Info

With Emmy Raver-Lampman bursting into stardom, many people became curious about her dating life. The actress-cum-singer was single and didn’t have a husband till 2019, but she was romantically linked with Daveed Diggs.

The history between the two dated back when they met in the sets of Hamilton in 2015. At the time, Daveed was dating another woman. So in 2019, they reunited and became partners.


Emmy (right) and boyfriend Daveed (left) at The Public Theater in 2019 (Pic: Emmy’s Instagram)

Though talks of them getting married were yet to be revealed as of 2020, Emmy and romantic partner Javeed often posted pictures together. Fans also could see them attending events together and looked a perfect match for each other.

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, Emmy and Daveed — her husband potential — quarantined together in their well-decorated LA home. As seen on the IG posts, the pair read together and even did arts & crafts. Also, Daveed helped Emmy maintain her signature undercut.

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Emmy Raver-Lampman Net Worth, Movies, TV Shows

Emmy Raver-Lampman started her acting career pretty early by working in a theatre company as a youngster. Soon, she started to explore different acting companies and found a footing in theatre plays, broadway, etc.

While in college, Emmy auditioned for a musical play Children of Eden and landed the role instantly. Then, she started getting recognized and was included in a touring production of tribal musical titled Hair.

Later, she became part of the popular broadway theatre-like “Jekyll & Hyde” and “A Night with Janis Joplin”. But, her best performance came later in 2015 where she became part of rap musical hit “Hamilton”.

As of 2020, Emmy registered nine acting credits to her name and counting. Also, her net worth is around the $100,000 mark with various TV shows and movies under her belt.

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