A wide range of audiences first saw Ian Lloyd Anderson in 2015 in Game of Thrones, but they came to recognize him properly only in 2020 with Herself. Of course, some dedicated fans might know him for Love/Hate from as far back as 2010.

Whether you know him or not, read the article below and enjoy the journey of Ian Lloyd Anderson.

How Old Is He?

One word answer: 34 years old.

Ian Lloyd Anderson was born on 04 June 1986, which meant he celebrated his thirty-fourth birthday in 2020. And with his birthday on the 4th of June, Ian’s zodiac sign was Gemini.

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Ian Lloyd Anderson Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Education

In an interview, Ian himself said a few things about his family. Unfortunately, that was the only source of information about his parents.

Apparently, Ian’s father used to work for Guinness for over 30 years. And his mother was a secretary in Baldoyle, Burrow School. Burrow School was also the school Ian Lloyd went to get her primary education. Neither of his parents came from an acting background.

Both of his parents were still alive and still together. In the interview, Ian did not mention the names of his parents. Also, it was unknown if he had any siblings.

After graduating from high school, Ian joined Gaity School of Acting at the age of 18. That was probably it for his educational career.

Lastly, Ian was born and raised in Dublin and his nationality was Irish.

Ian Lloyd Anderson Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Ian Lloyd Anderson stood at an average height for an adult white Irish man, i.e. 5 ft 10 inches. His weight was not known.

Talking about his distinct features, Ian had blue eyes with a little bit of green tinge. Also, he had brown hair which he usually wore short.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Ian did not have that big of a reach on social media. On Instagram, he had over 50 posts and only 1k followers [as of Jan 2021]. On Twitter, he was slightly better, with a following of just over 3k. And we could not even find him on Facebook.

Ian Lloyd Anderson Net Worth, Acting & Theater Credits

Ian started his acting career as early as 2008 with Dorothy Mills. His first significant performance, however, came in 2010 for Love/Hate, an Irish drama series. He portrayed the character of Dean for over 4 years on the show.

After that, Ian went on to act in various TV series like Raw (2012), Game of Thrones (2015), Headcases (2019), Blood (2018 -2020), and Vikings (2018-2020). And in movies like Dublin Oldschool (2018), Herself (2020), The Cherry Orchard (2020), and the upcoming Deadly Cuts.

His theatre credits include The Cherry Orchard, Beacon, Evening Train, Bad Sunday, Dublin Oldschool, Macbeth, Richard III, Bruising of Clouds, etc.

The exact net worth of Ian was not known.

Here are some more interesting wikis about Ian. Ian’s favorite comedian was Bernie Mac, his favorite restaurant was Octupusssy’s in Howth, his favorite play The Cherry Orchard, his favorite album John Pine’s The Missing Years.

His favorite cities were Galway and Vancouver. His favorite actors were Paul Giamatti and Edie Falco. And his favorite film was The Irishman.

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Herself, Games Of Thrones (GOT), Vikings

In Game of Thrones, he played the character of Derek during the 5th season of the show. Whereas in Vikings, he played the character of Naad during the 6th season of the show.

Among his most recent performances, and an acclaimed one was in Herself, an Irish film about domestic abuse and a mother’s devotion. Ian played the character of an abusive husband, Gary.

The protagonist of Herself, and Ian’s on-screen wife, Sandra, was played by Clare Dunne. Herself premiered at the Sundance film festival. At the Dublin International Film Festival, the movie went on to win multiple awards.

Ian had a little problem with his Viking co-star, Elijah Rowen, when Elijah described Fair City, an Irish soap opera, “embarrassing”. Immediately, Ian attacked Elijah for his meaningless words.

Ian Lloyd Anderson Wife, Married, Kids

Ian Lloyd is married to a woman called Kimberly Harris, or Kimbo as he endearingly calls. There was little information regarding where, when, and how Ian met his wife.

Ian married his wife in April 2015, in a rather beautiful white wedding. Ian had previously proposed to Kimberly in July 2014 and she had said yes.

In the five years of their married life, Ian and his wife had had three kids, all three daughters. The first of their kids, Lily, was born on 18 August 2016. The second daughter was born on 19 June 2018. Finally, the youngest of the kids, daughter Grace, was born on 20 August 2020.

Ian shares a lot of photos of his wife and kids on Instagram. During Mother’s day in 2020, Ian wished his wife a happy mother’s day and said that his daughters had found the best mother they could ask for.


Ian Lloyd Anderson with his wife and kids circa October 2020 (PC: Ian’s IG)

As of 2021, Ian and Kimberly were very happy with each other and their three kids.

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