Sometimes reality shows take you to the place your real-life delayed in taking. It’s the reality of the popular musician Ian Flanigan’s life.

The musician had a long path to go as an artist before he discovered a whole new destination through the music reality show, The Voice. What else about the man would you want to know? His family background, his early life, his net worth, wife, relationships, and others? Read till the end!

Ian Flanigan Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Ian Flanigan reached the age of 31 on his 2020 birthday. His 11th September 1989 birthday assures his zodiac sign to be Virgo.

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Ian Flanigan Bio — Family, Early Life, Hometown

It wouldn’t be as easy for the man to follow his heart, in case his family was not supportive enough.

By the time he was 11, Ian was already a songwriter. He has not revealed in detail, how his early life with his family looked like. But through one of his Instagram posts, Ian disclosed that his father, Mike Flanigan served in the military.

Further, Ian times and again visits his hometown back in Hudson Valley, New York, and appreciates the place for the freshness and musical inspiration.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Ian Flanigan is quite tall when it comes to his physical height, i.e. 6 feet. With that height, the man bestows above 85 kgs weight which merges for the perfect outlooks.

He is a dashing looking guy with his eyes, his beard styling as well as his jawline as his distinct features.

Although Ian has an oval-shaped face, his jawline’s got a refined shape. This, as a physical feature alongside his grounded personality, makes him stand out from the crowd.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Ian Flanigan certainly understands the value his audience has given him. Maybe, for this reason, he keeps himself active on social media, to connect to his fans and followers.

Obviously, for a dedicated man like Ian, his music is the best way to communicate with his fans and his music lovers as a whole.

But social media becomes a necessity when their choice is to see you in there, behind the scenes and beyond the screens.

Thus, his Instagram followers also dramatically increased within a short period of his Th Voice Journey. So, until the early days of 2020 December, Ian had more than 14.5K followers on Instagram.

Further, on Facebook, there were more than 8.2K people like his page while over 8.7K people follow him there.

Ian is also active on Twitter, unlike many new-gen celebrities. He already had more than 3K followers on Twitter until early December.

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Ian Flanigan Net Worth, The Voice Journey, Music

Ian Flanigan has lived as a musician for most of his life. His The Voice journey certainly took him to a next level of fame, but the singer-songwriter also went through the struggler days in music.

When you’re connected with your grounds, the musical struggle might sound like a hymn for optimism all the way.

Ian has set the best example through his journey, not just in the reality show but the real life. He played music ever since his school days and initially did much traveling with his high school band.

His amazing fingerpicking was limited to the underrated travels and gigs that the band did until Ian went for the 19th season of The Voice.

Ian’s very first appearance in the show impressed Coach Blake Shelton. His notes hit a special place in Blake’s heart, so with no doubt, Blake ended up under his guidance.

Most people never expected him to reach the finale from his early impressions but the way he carried on with his passion was something incredible.

America chose him to stand among the 5 finalists of The Voice. He performed Travis Tritt’s “Anymore”, which was the 1991 chart-topper for his semis. So, for the 14 December 2020 finale, he was all prepared to set the stage on fire again.

In between his high school band days and The Voice journey, Ian had a hard time, dealing with the wrong decisions in life, so ended up in rehab for four years.

But everything paid off, as the man remained self-motivated all along. Thus, Ian Flanigan also garnered a net worth of over $400 thousand.

Ian Flanigan Wife, Married, Daughter

Ian Flanigan was set to marry the love of his life, Ayla Rector when he was competing in The Voice.

He got engaged to his lady love and announced the news to his fans in October 2020. His wife to be has a daughter, Kamea, whom Ian is really close to. Kamea, who turned 7 years of age in 2020 follows Ian’s footsteps into music.

Ian and Ayla reportedly began dating in 2016.


Ian poses for Christmas with his wife-to-be, Ayla, and her daughter Kamea. (Pic- Ian’s Instagram)

His Instagram is full of his beautiful times with Ayla and her daughter. Moreover, as a family, Ian and Ayla also started their own music company, Nightcap Entertainment.

Through the company, the couple helps new artists through promotions of different kinds, be it through merch, photoshoots, music videos, and many more.

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