Hazel Cagalitan is famous for her appearance opposite Tarik Myers in the popular American reality show, 90 Day Fiance. From the initial days in the season, her image to the public was of a “Gold-Digger”. The way she dealt with it was what people appreciate about her.

Moreover, to create a whole new image of oneself, to gain trust from the person you are linked with requires a big heart and honesty to the fullest. Tarik’s spontaneous support to the lady is proof of her honesty and self-belief.

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Hazel Cagalitan Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Although Hazel Cagalitan did not reveal her actual birthday, she was 28 years of age when she appeared for the 8th season of 90 Day Fiance.

However, her zodiac remains a secret due to her undisclosed birthday.

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Hazel Cagalitan Wiki — Nationality, Family, Religion

By nationality, Hazel Cagalitan is a Filipino. She grew up in a large family alongside her 13 siblings.

By religion, Hazel is supposedly a Protestant Christian. She herself unveiled neither her family details nor her religion.

However, her reality show appearance, as well as social media posts, attribute ideas about her religious beliefs.

Also, from her 90 Day Fiance partner’s post, the fans got to know that Hazel’s father splendidly raised all his 14 kids.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Hazel Cagalitan stands at the physical height of 5 feet 3 inches. Her 53 kgs weight looks perfect to her overall body structure.

As a Filipino, Hazel possesses many distinct features. Her physical appearances certainly look different to the western audiences, who mostly follow the show 90 Day Fiance.

Especially her facial features vary from the western outlooks. So, the beautiful lady caught much attention, be it by her physique or her personality.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Although Hazel Cagalitan is not on Facebook and Twitter, her Instagram fan following reached a wise number in a very short period of time.

Hazel started on Instagram in October 2018 but had only 6 posts until mid-November 2020. Despite this, the lady garnered more than 70.1K followers until the same date.

Her fans believe that with her new season appearance, Hazel’s followers increase in a huge number.

Hazel Cagalitan Job, Net Worth, 90 Day Fiance

After her “90 Day Fiance” partner Tarik went to visit Hazel in the Philippines, Tarik himself, as well as viewers, got to know that she had a very poor financial structure.

However, she is a hardworking lady, which ultimately is her wealth that helps her forever.

Her co-star, Tarik even mentioned in one of his social media posts that Hazel did 12 hours a day job with only 2 days off in a month. He even revealed that Hazel speaks 3 languages.

Once, Hazel updated her IG bio and revealed actress as her job title. She later changed it.

Similarly, for her appearance in 90 Day Fiance, she and Tarik jointly make 1K to 1.5K for an episode. And for the tell-all episode they, as a pair get 2.5K per episode.

From all her hard works, the Filipino lady made a net worth of $50 thousand.

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Are Hazel Cagalitan & Tarik Still Together?

By their social media posts, it seemed like Hazel and her fiance, Tarik Myers were together, leaving behind the rumors about one another.


Hazel Cagalitan with her 90 Day Fiance partner, Tarik Myers. (Pic- Hazel’s Instagram)

However, with Hazel’s arrival in the United States, there were many twists and turns in their relationship expected in the new season.

But talk about until November 2020, the two were together.

Hazel Cagalitan Son, Ex, Baby Father

Hazel Cagalitan has a son from her ex-relationship. As revealed by Tarik, she fought for her son and is a great mother to him.

Although the details on the baby father are not available, it was disclosed that Hazel lived on her ex’s support.

From his visit to the Philippines, Tarik, the 90 Day Fiance production team, as well as the viewers, got to know that Hazel was homeless. She had the items from his ex that helped her sustain her day to day living for herself and her son.

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