Brittany — with the last name Banks — hit the limelight in 2020. That year, she starred in the hit reality TV show “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way”.

Read till the end and read about Brittany’s wiki info including her ex-husband, height, and job. Moreover, discover her family details and romance with Yazan!

Bio — Age, Birthday, Last Name

When Brittany made her “90 Day Fiance” debut in 2020, she was reportedly 26 years of age. Therefore, American beauty was most probably born in 1994.

What’s more, Brittany hadn’t revealed her birthday. Also, as stated above, Brittany was born with the last name Banks.

Brittany Banks Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

According to credible sources online, Brittany Banks from “90 Day Fiance” hailed from Palms Beach, Florida. Thus, she owned American nationality.

Getting into her family life, Brittany was a baby when her parents separated. Admittedly, she was raised by her single father and even considered herself a “daddy’s girl.”

As seen on “90 Day Fiance,” Brittany’s dad wasn’t happy after she expressed her desire to permanently move to Jordan and live with Yazan. Talking to the show’s producer, he confined his fears.

Furthermore, Brittany kept the identity of her mother and siblings hidden and away from the public sphere.

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Height, Weight, Measurements

Fans of “90 Day Fiance” noted her braces as Brittany Banks’ distinct features. Likewise, her curvy body with 34-27-36 inches measurements stood out.

Per online reports, Brittany owned around 5 feet 7 inches in height. Meanwhile, his weight surpassed 63 kilograms.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Initially, Brittany Banks operated under the IG handle @itsbrittanybaks. Later, she changed her account to @thebossbrittany. On her new profile, Brittany only let fans above 17 years of age access her post.

For some reason, Brittany wasn’t as active on both Facebook and Twitter.

Brittany Banks Net Worth, Music, Job

A born star, Brittany Banks also ran — not one but two — OnlyFans accounts. By June 2020, both of her channels @ItsBrittanyBanks and @ItsTheBrittany had earned verification.

Beyond her influencer status, Brittany also branded herself an aspiring rapper. Admittedly, she did modeling, marketing tours and performed her music on stage. As of 2020, Brittany had released songs like “Turn You Out” and “Boss Brittany.”

Searching for more, Brittany also dabbled in acting. With YouTube comic TPindell, she created multiple comedic videos. Later, Brittany also launched her podcast called “AngryKat.”

All the sources of income combined, “90 Day Fiance” star Brittany Banks owned over $0.9 million in net worth. Interestingly, fans believed she relied on her sugar daddies to keep her finances afloat.

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Brittany Banks & Yazan: Dating, Engaged, Married

Brittany Banks met Yazan — a native of Jordan — through his sister who lived upstairs from her family. For the two, age wasn’t a difference-maker; they were reportedly born less than 12 years apart.

After connecting through video chat, Brittany and Yazan began dating virtually and fell for one another. Perhaps, the religious difference between the lovebirds was the only villainous factor that seemingly threatened their romance.

A mechanical engineer by trade, Yazan hailed from a conservative religious background. He even expressed his desire the American beauty would convert to Islam after their marriage.

For her part, Brittany never showcased her desire to become a Muslim woman. What’s more, Brittany insisted she wouldn’t be a stay-at-home wife who ran the household.

Who Is [90 Day Fiance] Brittany Banks’ Ex-Husband?

Days before leaving for Jordan to meet Yazan and her family, Brittany Banks dropped a bombshell. Talking to her lawyer, Brittany claimed she was still a married woman.

By her admission, Brittany met her now-former husband in 2015. At the time, he was in the US on a visa. A native of Haiti, Brittany’s estranged spouse was later deported by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

Before his deportation, Brittany’s mystery life partner had spent all his life in the United States.

Admittedly, Brittany met her future husband when they were both 17. Like Yazan, he was also very controlling. Brittany also admitted their marriage was very toxic.

About their divorce: Brittany nonchalantly stated she forgot about the process of filing the papers. Also, she seemed surprised when the lawyer told her the divorce would take almost a year to close.

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