ITV is known for its dating shows and this time we have Ready To Mingle. Just as the title suggests, it’s all about singles who are ready to mingle. Hakeem Tru is one of those contestants trying to win over the heart of the single lady, and bag home the stunning cash prize.

Get to know him more as this Hakeem Tru Wiki proceeds.

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Hakeem Tru On Ready To Mingle

Hakeem Tru joined the Ready To Mingle cast alongside 11 other men who each tried to win over the lady’s heart. But the show’s not that simple! Amongst the singletons, some boys were already in a relationship and lied about their single status in the hopes of winning the competition.

Moreover, the men who were in a relationship were also secretly helped by their real-life partners.

The competitors were put through a series of challenges, tasks, and games, where the lady got to know them better and eliminated them one by one until there was only one remaining.

Joining Hakeem this season were Chris Baber, Lewis Crocker, Toby Bougouneau, Drew Wedlake, Louis Hart, John Okafor, Elliot Miles, Casey Sonnekus, and Rudi Senghore.

As for this inaugural season host, there couldn’t have been anyone better than the Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan. According to her, the show was like “nothing we’ve seen before but still with all the drama and dating dilemmas we love to see.”

Although Ready To Mingle’s premiere date was not revealed, their filming location was known to be in Torquay, Devon at a luxury clifftop apartment.

Hakeem Tru Age

Hakeem Tru was born after 1994. So, his age couldn’t be any younger than 27 during the filming of Ready To Mingle

Detail on his birthday wasn’t shared.

His Height

Hakeem Tru stands tall at a height above 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Hakeem has brown eyes, a ripped body, and short dreadlocks hair. Also, you might have not noticed but he loved wearing earrings.

Hakeem Tru Family

Hakeem Tru’s real name might be Olu Hakeem. His family is from Nigeria and now he is based in Great Britain.

Over his IG bio, Hakeem even tagged his hometown flag, and Great Britain flag, as a way of showing respect to his roots.

Apart from his ethnicity, more information about his family wasn’t available.

His Instagram, Facebook

As of August 2021, Hakeem entertained 2.9K followers over his Instagram @hakeem_tru.physique. Most of his posts then featured his shirtless pics and his workout routines.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find his Facebook account.

But find him over Pinterest @oluhakeem.

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Hakeem Tru Job, Net Worth

Hakeem Tru is a personal trainer, NFL coach, and model. Also, he is a competitive bodybuilder who participated in the Miami Pro: Universe Championships in July and October 2017. On his first try, Hakeem was able to come 4th, and on his second, he became the top three.

After winning the competition on his second try, Hakeem shared that he was everything because of him. “Would you believe I had no coach, no prep coach & posing created by myself?”, he said.

As for what he loved about competing was “the buzz, the energy backstage with all the competitors, the excitement and adrenaline were all through the roof. Most importantly all the support.”

Talking about his time as an NFL coach, he inspired the boys with a lot of motivational speeches and a few lightweight exercises. Do check his Instagram stories to see more of his NFL training routines.

In June 2020, Hakeem Tru was also sponsored by the shopping and retail company Every Session Counts. He was seen modeling for the “intensity team”, with other muscle stars like Bavoray, and Alex Springer.

By 2021, Hakeem garnered a net worth of under $300 thousand. Just in case you are curious, an average personal trainer in the UK earned around $27 thousand per annum.

When Hakeem wasn’t on Ready To Mingle, he loved listening to RnB music and training.

Hakeem Tru Girlfriend

Hakeem Tru might be a handsome hunk, who might seem fit for the Ready To Mingle queen. But what’s his truth?

Over the official trailer, we saw him hesitate when asked a question “if he had a girlfriend”, as he later replied, “I don’t have a girlfriend.” So, fans were set out to find out the possible reason for his hesitation.

Some said, that it might just be his strategy to prove his disappointment, while others believed that he was truly disappointed and could be single.

But whatever the case may be, it shall present itself in time. Let’s not judge the man based on his one slip-up.

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