Meet Gonzo Jimenez, one of four contestants participating in Netflix’s new bake-off show Bake Squad. He and the other three confectionery masters competed against each other to deliver the best they had to offer and win the show.

Learn more about him in this Gonzo Jiminez Wiki where we cover his age, details on his wife, and family.

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Gonzo Jimenez On Bake Squad

Gonzo Jimenez was one of the four contestants on Netflix’s Bake squad. The show was the creation of Milk Bar creator Christina Tosi. She chose four master chefs among whom is Gonzo Jimenez. He was joined by Maya-Camille Broussard, Ashley Holt, and Christophe Rull.

On the show, four contestants had to battle it out to be the ones cooking for someone’s big day. From birthday parties to weddings, there was a lot of pressure on the bakers to deliver in the new Netflix series.

Gonzo Jimenez Age

Gonzo Jimenez, born before 1985, should be at least 36 years old in 2021. He has been celebrating his birthday on 30 July every year.

Hence, Gonzo fell under the group of the zodiac sign Leo.

Gonzo Jimenez Family, Nationality

Gonzo Jiminez’s love for food had a lot to do with his upbringing. He was raised in a Spanish household. His parents served good food to the kids and long family meals were always there to be had. He never went any deeper about his family than necessary even though he had been on several interviews.

Hence, all the information on his parents of Argentinian nationality, his early life there, information about his siblings and other family members are yet to be revealed.

Gonzo Jimenez’s journey into the culinary world he was 17 and just started working in a restaurant. He never shared whether his necessity to get a job got him there or his interest in the restaurant business. Either way, it played out well for him traveling and learning new skills, and working in a renowned business known for its 5-star hospitality.

His Height, Tattoos

Gonzo Jimenez, a handsome guy, stands tall at the height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters). His square-shaped face with a hint of a beard makes him even more attractive.

The chef doesn’t seem to mind getting poked with needles if it meant he looked good and he definitely did. His tattoos on his both arms added more to his looks. Gonzo got flowers and vines.

Besides running the chocolate business, Gonzo is also an ultrarunner. He posts about his accomplishments on his Instagram. Gonzo goes through rigorous training to participate in marathons and he shows off his humorous side on the captions.

His Instagram, Facebook

Of course, the least private individual in the Bake Squad should definitely be Gonzo Jimenez. He could only be discovered on Instagram (@chef.gonzo). His social earned him 16.4k followers as of 12 Aug 2021. Also, he posted 447 snaps most of which were his amazing creations.

But, unlike his fellow contestants, Gonzo couldn’t be discovered on Instagram and Twitter.

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Gonzo Jimenez Net Worth

Gonzo Jimenez sits on and above a total net worth of $600K. Learn how he was able to make it happen.

At first, Gonzo enrolled in the pastry and culinary school Instituto Argentino de Gastronomia in Buenos Aires. After earning his degree, he joined St. Julien Hotel and Spa as a pastry chef under the head chef of the hotel. Working for the above two years, taught him the necessary chops and new skills. He worked for the hotel until May 2011.

A year later, Gonzo started working in Grand Hyatt New York as an executive pastry chef. He worked there for a year and moved to Hyatt Regency New Orleans. In February 2013, Gonzo quit his job in Hyatt Regency, to move to Santiago Chile, and work for Grand Hyatt Santiago de Chile. He became an executive pastry chef and worked until February of 2015.

Soon after, Gonzo accepted a position with Barry Callebaut as a Corporate Chef for the South American Region and Director of the Chocolate Academy in Chile.

Gonzo Jimenez is the co-owner of Miette et Chocola which he co-owns with David Lewis in Aurora’s Stanley Marketplace in 2017. They met each other in a pastry forum. Six months after their first conversation, Gonzo called to participate with him in a competition, and they took home the Best Artistic Award.

Speaking about the approach, his business partner shared that they were a French-style chocolate shop but they created a modern “Haute patisserie.” Gonzo added that they love the classic French treats with peculiar modern presentation. It’s not only chocolate but also the masterful work of design and architecture.

The business imports its chocolate from a small factory in Belgium. They created the recipe for a specific type of [60 percent cacao] chocolate using a blend of African cocoa beans, and the business made it for them.

It is not necessary that chocolate lovers need to visit their shop to taste their creations. They’ve created a website where the interested buyers could shop online.

Gonzo Jimenez Wife

Gonzo Jimenez is married to his wife Wilma Marie. They tied the knots in February of 2014. On their fifth anniversary, Wilma wrote on her Instagram, “5 yrs have flown by and I can’t wait for countless more years of traveling, eating, laughing, and ridiculous adventures. Happy anniversary @chef.gonzo ST.SM.S1 ❤️”


Gonzo and his wife Wilma during their Ultrarunning (Pic: Wilma’s Instagram)

Both Gonzo and Wilma share a shared interest in Ultrarunning. As of August 2021, the married couple didn’t seem to have any kids.

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