A piece of clothing can become a person’s identity — think Axl Rose’s signature bandana & Jay-Z’s NY fitted caps. Similar is the story of the TikTok star @GirlWithGreenBeanie.

Rocking a green beanie, she rocketed to online popularity. Her skits on TikTok became as popular as the apparel on her head.

Continue reading and know the real name of @GirlWithGreenBeanie. Additionally, discover her dating status, net worth, height, and family background by going through the TikTok sensation’s wiki!

@GirlWithGreenBeanie Wiki — Real Name, Family, Age

On TikTik, @GirlWithGreenBeanie went by the moniker “Professor Finesser.” Her real name, meanwhile, is Katie Kelly.

Katie’s parents had bestowed her with the real name Katherine Grace Kelly. Interestingly, details concerning the influencer’s family — including the name of her siblings — escaped everyone.

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Bio — Age, Birthday, Nationality

As of 2020, Katie Kelly didn’t own an official bio. As a result, extracting her date of birth and birthday was impossible. That said, she seemed to be in her early-20s — based on her videos.

Reportedly, the TikTok star hailed from Arlington, Texas. As such, she held American nationality while embracing Caucasian ethnicity.

Social Media Reach: TikTok, Twitter, Instagram

@GirlWithGreenBeanie launched her TikTok account in 2019. By April 2020, she had accumulated 20 million likes and 764 thousand followers.

On the other hand, the rising influencer didn’t seem active on Twitter and Instagram. She, however, a profile on

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@GirlWithGreenBeanie TV Shows & Movies, Merch, Net Worth

Before TikTok fame, Katie Kelly starred in a couple of movies and TV shows. Playing the role of Lucy, she made her acting debut with the 2011 flick “Language of a Broken Heart.” Her other credits included performances on “Game of Silence” and “A Gift Horse.”

By 2020, she was working on multiple projects including “Sno Bunnies,” “The Retaliators,” and “Deadly Cyber Bully.”

Early in her career, Katie took several modeling gigs. But once she discovered acting and her love for comedy, everything changed.

As told on one of her TikTok videos, the green beanie she donned was a part of her online persona. She explained,

“The beanie is part of the character i do for tiktok.. I’m not this vibey 24/7 unfortunately … beanie on? Beast mode: Activated,”

According to Katie, she purchased the beanie from Target for $6.99. Furthermore, the rising influencer once expressed her plan to launch a line of lime green beanies.

As of 2020, her net worth was on the rise.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Per her IMDB profile, Katie Kelly owned five feet and four inches (163 cm) in height. Likewise, her weight surpassed the 50kg mark.

Besides the stated green beanie, the actress-turned-social media star’s distinct feature includes her flowy blonde hair.

@GirlWithGreenBeanie Boyfriend, Dating

As of Spring, there existed zero reports linking @GirlWithGreenBeanie to anyone deemed a boyfriend material. Nonetheless, she seemed private about her dating life.

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