Retired American mixed martial artist and soldier Tim Kennedy flew Afghanistan amid the desperate rush for the US and its allies to evacuate people from Kabul airport — and shocked everyone on Twitter.

Tim, who for almost decades has been in the U.S. Special Forces took to his million followers on social media to clarify — he was not running around on his own but is attached to as a volunteer to a talented group. And collectively, they were executing the assigned mission to save as many people as possible.

To people that are upset with his presence in Afghanistan, Tim addressed — they did not bring in “buses of unverified Afghans” but were orphans, some Nazarene, and the others were high-value individuals assigned to them from higher echelon units, and family members of crews that were flying the US chartered planes all week.

Now that we know about Tim’s decision to deploy in such a dangerous time and place, let’s look into this bio-writing about his wife Ginger Kennedy who he leaves behind in the States.

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Ginger Kennedy Age

Ginger Kennedy was no more than 40 years of age as of the time of this writing (i.e. August in 2021).

Tim, meanwhile, had turned 41 on 1 September 2020.

Ginger Kennedy Maiden Name

Ginger Kennedy’s maiden name, before she tied the knot, was not yet understood. Nor was her early life and family backgrounds, family members, and relatives.

But we gathered, her husband, Tim grew up the second son of three children in a Christian family in Atascadero, California. He is of Irish descent. Tim’s mother made sure he got his cooking and piano lessons while his father enrolled him in shooting schools, boxing lessons, wrestling teams, and Japanese jujitsu classes.

Her Height, Distinct Features

Ginger Kennedy, a vegetarian since 2002, measures above 5’6” in height. (Tim is 5′ 11″.)

With long black hair, a beautiful smile, and the best facial features, Ginger appears no less than a professional model or a showbiz personality. No wonder, her husband, Tim likes her wearing a bikini.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Back until June 2012, Ginger Kennedy was on Facebook. Years later and she did not seem to be using social media that actively.

Back in the days, i.e., around 2013, Tim mentioned Ginger on his Twitter @TimKennedyMMA (with 318.3K followers) quite often.

But, we rarely saw Ginger on his Instagram @timkennedymma that has 1.1 million followers on it.

Ginger Kennedy Job

When a hopeless romantic Tim Kennedy met Ginger Kennedy, she was working for a defense contractor at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

Ginger recounts being so disinterested initially. Tim being a true military man had strategized to win her heart but every single time she rebuffed.

He eventually asked her friend to get her to go to dinner then asked the friend not to come. She shared the “unapologetically American” courted her as one sees in movies.

Ginger just like Tim left active duty and took up residence in Austin, Texas before 2016. But, Tim’s decision to become a professional fighter only transitioned him into a more high-stress job. In 2016, Tim had thus become a National Guardsman. And this meant for Ginger, the environment changed, but the difficulties of being married to an elite warrior still did not.

Ginger Kennedy And Tim Kennedy: Kids, Still Married?

Tim Kennedy, the celebrated UFC fighter, ranger, sniper, and special forces operator with $1 million net worth by early-2019, is just as successful as a husband and father.

His wife, Ginger Kennedy said he is amazing at compartmentalizing his emotions. Be it dealing with a one-year-old’s tantrums or the dog peeing on the floor. “He doesn’t get angry at things that would set most people off.”

They were married before October 2012, i.e., before Tim tweeted, “Yes I’m wearing a purse. Yes I’m in a women’s boutique shopping with my wife.” on his Twitter.

Also, we gathered, it’s September 28th that marks their wedding anniversary every year.

Besides, the married couple has four kids, three daughters, and a son.

They have raised their first two daughters to be warriors just like them. Especially Tim is very protective of them.

Following a halftime Super Bowl performance from Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, which Tim claimed scratched his nerve, he expressed how he does not want his daughters to be objectified but also wants them to feel free “to be able to do whatever they want, to include being sexy.”

In June 2021, one of the two, his second-born, Sabrina, graduated from high school as valedictorian. Proud Tim shared, Sabrina is off to college and also already working.

“I have no idea where they got it. They definitely didn’t get it from me but they absolutely have it. I’m so proud of my children. Congratulations Sabrina!!! I can’t wait to see The Places You’ll Go!”

Tim and Ginger were blessed with their remaining kids — son Rollo Michael Kennedy in April 2015 and daughter Toren Claire Kennedy in 2019.

That been said, it is not quite understood, if or not Tim and Ginger are still together in 2021. Although Tim’s Wikipedia did mention he is still married.

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