Emotions are strengths and not weaknesses, proved the young guy, Gevanni Hutton. His The Voice UK season 9’s journey was an encouragement to many youths all around the world.

If you want to know more about his health condition, his family background, to his The Voice journey, read the following article!

Gevanni Hutton Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Gevanni Hutton’s age was revealed as 17 years, during his days in The Voice. Similarly, when it comes to his birthday, the young teenager was born on 9th February 2002.

Hence, Gevanni’s early February birthday reveals his zodiac sign to be Aquarius.

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Gevanni Hutton Wiki — Family, Jamaica, Father

Prior to Gevanni’s birth, his family left their home in Jamaica. His father, Ian Hutton revealed that it was a hard time for his family.

Leaving your home is never easy, and for them, Gevanni’s health issues added to their hassle. So, Ian refers to the time as an emotional rollercoaster. Coming through such rides of life, Gevanni’s grand entry to the world of music was quite surreal and emotional for his father.

Moreover, his father Ian worked as a wedding singer. This was his side job, as per Ian, Gevanni’s mother is also a pretty good singer. Thus, his parents were where Gevanni’s singing genes evolved from.

Although the musical genes were there, his family never forced him to carry it on. Two years prior to Gevanni’s The Voice journey, he shifted to the United Kingdom in order to live with his father.

As soon as he arrived, Gevanni was all into the art he was always interested in. Apparent in his The Voice U.K. auditions, he got everyone with his emotional journey. It was not only his father but the judges and audience too who shed tears to Gevanni’s voice as well as his story.

Height, Weight, Health

Only at his 17, Gevanni Hutton was 5 feet 7 inches tall in height while his weight was under 73 kgs. The young, talented superstar faced health complications when he was only two years of age.

Gevanni was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at that early age. This was certainly a shock to his family, and later the guy himself. He had to live with a health condition for his whole life.

However, this made Gevanni stronger. He soon learned to take care of himself and his family too.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Gevanni Hutton started off on social media quite late. While his big career was knocking on his doors, why would Gevanni invest his precious learning time into social media?

Whatsoever, as soon as Gevanni got the hype with his voice, he started being more active on social media. He posted for the first time on Instagram only on 1st February 2020, however, was successful in gaining more than 2.1K followers by early November 2020.

Similarly, when it comes to his Facebook and Twitter, Gevanni created one, only in late April 2020 and June 2020 respectively. Many followers of his music were yet to discover him on social media.

Most probably it was as a respect to his fans and followers, and to connect to them, that Gevanni landed on social media. Hence, his well-wishers believe that he will acquire millions with his voice, backed by his warm nature.

Gevanni Hutton Job, Education, Net Worth

2020 marked two years of Gevanni’s arrival to the United Kingdom. He moved to Kingston all the way from Jamaica with a dream of bestowing a happy life to his family.

As a school graduate, Gevanni joined Kingston College in South-West London for his further education. For a job, he might be just a student, but all set to establish a musical peak.

Hence, as Gevanni initiated his journey in 2020, his net worth remained a secret. The rockstar supposedly would have much to showcase as he starts his musical programs, tours, and concerts.

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His “The Voice” Journey

Gevanni Hutton auditioned for The Voice U.K., the 2020 series of the singing reality show. For his blind auditions, he came up with Romeo and Juliet hit by Quindon Tarver, Everybody’s Free.

Coach, an active promoter of Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidental campaign, turned for Gevanni during the blind auditions.

Later for the battle round, he sang the song Imagine with a co-participant, Shauna Byrne. Gevanni won the battles round too.

After winning not just the battle round but the hearts of the audience, Gevanni carried on with his The Voice journey. He took the challenges that he faced with every round of The Voice.

Thereafter, he was all set for the November 2020 finals of the singing reality show.

Gevanni Hutton Girlfriend, Dating

Gevanni Hutton seems all content with his emerging career, as there has been no evidence of him dating someone.

However, his audition for The Voice unearthed numerous rumors regarding Gevanni’s relationships. Maybe the teenager is too young and busy to have a girlfriend, for the career landmark he is headed for.

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