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Erendira Wallenda’s husband Nik Wallenda defied all odds and shell shocked the world with her stunning performance over the active Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua on 4 March 2020.

Though he comes from a family of aerialist and high-wire daredevils, an attempt like that was a huge risk in itself and unheard of.

However, Nik showcased his outstanding willpower and completed the act to huge cheers from the standby staff and fans watching the action back home.

Want to know more about the daredevil’s wife Erendira? Step right into the article that highlight’s her wiki details!

How Old Is Erendira Wallenda? Wiki, Nationality, Parents

Erendira Wallenda was born as Erendira Renee Ashton-Vazquez in Florida on 28 July 1971. She turned 48 years old in the Summer of 2019.

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Erendira possesses American nationality. Meanwhile, her parents — Golda Ashton & Vinicio Vazquez — carried Mexican and Australian descent respectively.

Growing up in Florida, Erendira completed her education from Tuttle Elementary School, Brookside Middle School, and Booker High School.

Nonetheless, Erendira was an aerialist from the heart. Her family was one of the greatest names in the stunt performing business.

Her father’s family was part of Mexico City’s most renowned circus that toured in the U.S. whereas her mother’s family ran the third-largest circus in Australia.

Ever since then, performing dangerous stunts was in Erendira’s blood and her fate was decided.

Nik Wallenda, Wedding, Children

Just like her parents, Erendira Wallenda found a special person who fueled her passion and pushed her to achieve new things in life.

Her soulmate was non-other than, Nik Wallenda — who gets narrated as one of the greats in high-wire stunts. It was not a mere coincidence that the two met each other, both their family were good friends for decades.

Erendira and future husband Nik grew up together and performed together on several occasions. Soon their friendship converted into love and wedding bells rang for both of them in January 2000.

Just after a year, the married couple gave birth to their first child, Yani and soon became parents to two more children; Amadaos, and Evita.

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Life for Erendira and Nik wasn’t always dandy. When she became pregnant with Yani, her husband was living with his parents and working in a restaurant.

With continued dedication and support system, Erendira and Nik overcame poverty and were able to provide a healthy lifestyle for their kids.

Erendira-Wallenda-Wiki-Nationality-Net Worth-Nik-Wallenda

Erendira Wallenda with her family in 2014 (Pic: Nik’s Instagram)

Together with their three children, Erendira and Nik resided in a private property in Florida.

What Does Erendira Wallenda Do? Net Worth, Height, Teeth

Erendira Wallenda is a seventh-generation circus performer from her father’s side and an eight-generation performer from her mother’s side.

Performing jaw-dropping stunts from a young age of nine, Erendira was a natural talent. During her early days, she performed a rolling globe and acrobatic while touring with her family.

However, in the subsequent years, Erendira achieved some mesmerizing heights and standards herself. She created a new Guinness World Record by hanging onto an aerial loop by her teeth over a waterfall.

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Considered as one of the greatest performers, Erendira possessed both fame and a hefty net worth of more than $5 million to showcase at the end.

One unmissable wiki trivia about her: Erendira reportedly stood a little bigger than five feet & six inches in height.

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