Not everybody is gifted with the ambition to help the underprivileged and needy. But Serita Jakes was always inclined towards working in the favor of mankind and humanity.

In the way of doing that, Serita encountered many obstacles but also found the true meaning in her life. Relive the story of one of the greatest public speaker, social activist, and human being to bring enlightenment to people’s mentality towards each other.

Wiki, Education, Birthday

Serita Jakes was born in 1959 in Beckley, West Virginia and celebrates her birthday on 19 August. Her father was a coal miner and her family had a hard-earned living.

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Following the hardship, Serita had to bear the death of her eldest brother in a shooting at a very young age. After the incident, a lot was depending upon her.

Understanding education as the only way out, Serita joined a college and excelled in the field of theatre & mass communication. Making full use of her knowledge, she started engaging herself in public speaking and writing.

Serita eventually equipped herself with perfect writing skills and fluent communication abilities.

Job, Books, Net Worth

Serita Jakes’ outspoken nature and throughout knowledge on different subject matters proved a very handy skill in her career. She went onto becoming an engaging writer and an inspiring speaker.

Some of her ideologies were reflected through her books like “Princess Within”, “The Crossing” (novel) & “Beside Every Good Man: Loving Myself While Standing By Him.”

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In addition to that, Serita was appointed the executive director of women and children’s affairs for “The Potter’s House” since its establishment in 1996.

Apart from that, Serita appeared in “CNN”, “Fox News”, “The Dr Phil Show” & “Oprah’s Next Chapter”. Through her involvement in a different field, she amassed an immense net worth of over $3 million.

T.D. Jakes, Kids, First Husband

When life was taking a toll on Serita Jakes, it took her to follow the path of god. There, she met T.D. Jakes — who worked as part-time pastor at a church in West Virginia.

During that time, Serita faced a lot of abuse from her first husband and T.D. helped her get through that difficult period. Eventually, they fell in love and got married in 1981.


Serita Jakes with her husband T.D.Jakes on Valentines Day 2020 (Pic: Serita’s Instagram)

Serita and husband T.D. became parents to five kids: Thomas, Jamar, Jermaine, Sarah, and Cora.

Height, Health, Weight Loss

Health was something that Serita Jakes found very difficult to keep stable. Ever since a young age, she struggled with weight loss which made her make some harsh decisions in life.

To feel the same amongst her friends, the motivational speaker consumed drugs and even worse, fell into bad relationships. Then the death of her brother and an abusive relationship made her realize her worth.

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Although life was pretty stable after that, health problems persisted. In the early days of her marriage, Serita met with a car accident and got crippled for a time being before she could walk.

Similarly, in 2012 Serita went through surgery for a herniated disc in her arm and hand.

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