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Lijana Wallenda went through a tragic incident in 2017 where she nearly lost her life.

While practicing with her crew of Circus Sarasota, she was part of the eight-person pyramid.

During the rehearsal, the pyramid collapsed and the high-flyer fell face-first from 40 feet. The fall broke every bone on Lijana’s face and slipped her into a coma.

Much to her family’s delight, she stepped out from coma but had severe outcomes and injuries which kept her on the sidelines for nearly two years.

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How Old Is Lijana Wallenda? Wiki, Parents, Siblings

Lijana Wallenda comes from the famous family of high-flyers, the Wallenda family of Florida. She was born and raised alongside her sibling brother, Nik Wallenda and participated with the family from a young age.

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Lijana-Wallenda-Wiki-Husband-Net Worth-Injuries-Accidents

Lijana Wallenda wishes her brother Nik on his birthday in 2020 (Pic: Lijana’s Instagram)

Growing up, Lijana partnered with Nik and participated in many high-wire performances. Her parents too encouraged her to aim bigger in life and make every stunt count.

However, a setback in 2017 nearly took her life. By 2019, Lijana was up and running for a new challenges.

As for her age, no figure has been disclosed. However, Lijana couldn’t be any older than 40 years old (as of 2020).

Net Worth, Height, Measurements

Lijana Wallenda was part of the great Wallenda family for a very long time which came with a lot of privileges.

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Though her life was on the risk, it paid Lijana very well. Like brother Nik, she too bagged sums rounding in millions for each stunt she performed.

Similarly, the height and level of difficulty also determined the amount of money on the line. Per reports, Lijana accumulated around $1.5 million in net worth.

Getting into her physical appearances, Lijana stood a little taller than five feet & six inches tall. At the same time, she owned 35-29-37 inches of body measurements.

Accidents, Injuries, Death Scares

2017 was a year to forget in Lijana Wallenda’s life. She met with a tragic accident which resulted in devastating injuries and even death scares.

The 40 feet fall ended with her getting her jaw wired for over a month, a fractured rib, punctured ear canal, and broken left calcaneus.

The injuries made Lijana lose two precious years of her life and she was back to performing only in the year 2019.

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However, the year of her comeback was one of her biggest achievements as Lijana concurred the Times Square, walking in a high-wire at 25 stories and 1,300 feet long.

Husband, Divorce, Dating Again

While Lijana Wallenda’s professional career kickstarted and moved on quite nicely, her personal life faced a certain setback when she divorced her husband, Anthony Hernandez.

Lijana and Anthony — her boyfriend at the time — had married in December 1998 and knew each other since their childhood.

Unfortunately, things did not go well between the two and following a charge of a misdemeanor and domestic violence, Anthony was placed in custody.

Soon after the incident, the now-former married couple got separated. As of 2020, Lijana is single and ready to start dating again.

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