Meet Brad Ashenfelter, popular as the long-time boyfriend to the TiK ToK singer, Kesha.

In May 2021, the lovebirds were spotted taking a romantic stroll on the beach while vacationing in Hawaii. Even after years of relationship, the two seemed so in love, having an animated conversation and laughing together against the setting sun.

So, who is Brad, sharing over 7 years of togetherness with Kesha? Keep reading this Brad Ashenfelter wiki to learn all about him. 

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Brad Ashenfelter Age, Birthday

Brad Ashenfelter was reportedly born after 1982. That would put him in his 30’s as of 2021.

Likewise, his girlfriend Kesha was 34 years of age then. She is a March born, and of the Pisces zodiac.

Brad Ashenfelter Family, Where Is He From?

Brad Ashenfelter was born to parents, John and Helen (Doody) Ashenfelter. His father, John is a Glen Ridge, New Jersey native who graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1979. Later, he attended Emory University and completed his MBA in 1984.

As for Brad’s mother, Helen is a 1974 nursing Villanova University graduate. Before that, she went to Bound Brook High School and graduated in 1970.

Trivia: Helen is a year older than John. She celebrates her birthday on August 23, while John celebrates his on September 24.

Some other Brad’s family members include —  Lillian Wright (grandfather, dead), Lillian Wright (grandmother), Cousins & Siblings: Michael, Mark, Erin, Lynne, James, Alan Thompson., Perry, Katherine, William, Andrew, and David Ashenfelter.

Talking about Brad’s hometown, he hails from New Jersey. He believes that his hometown made the best pizza and good sandwiches.

But as of 2021, Brad resided in a house near the canals of Venice, California with Kesha, and their three cats namely Charlie, Mr. Peeps, and Queso.

His Instagram, Facebook

Brad wasn’t much of a social media person. However, we’ve found a few unverified social accounts under his name. Listed as @BradAshenfelter with 66 followers over Instagram, and 87 followers over Twitter before May 2021

His Facebook account wasn’t shared.

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Brad Ashenfelter Height

Brad Ashenfelter stands tall at a reported height of above 6 feet (182 cm). He is around 4 inches (10 cm) taller than Kesha who is 5feet 8 ½ inches (174 cm)

As for his distinct features, Brad has tattoos all over his hands, long hair, and a well-trimmed beard that Kesha is fond of. Over an interview, Kesha shared, 

“I’m very happy to have him in my life…That’s way too much information for America to know, but, I’m really happy with my beard.”

Also, she took the chance to mention that she liked guys “who look like they don’t groom themselves.” Keha added, “I’m not into guys who are very high-maintenance. I don’t want them to take longer to get ready than me.”

Brad Ashenfelter Net Worth

Brad Ashenfelter’s net worth was under $1 million as of 2021. Whereas, Kesha’s flaunted a stunning $5 million net worth then.

But unlike Kesha, Brad garners his bills through his time as a writer. It seems that the guy has worked as a writer for years, and in 2021, he was working as a contributing writer biography on the website The Inertia.

So, how does he spend his cash? Well, unsurprisingly, according to Brad’s bio over his work website, he “spends the majority of his income on compact discs and records much to the befuddlement of loved ones and friends.”

Just in case you are curious, an average salary of a freelance writer in LA was around $51 thousand in 2021.

Kesha And Brad Ashenfelter: Dating, How Did They Meet?

Brad Ashenfelter first met Kesha through Kesha’s stylist, Heather Montagna before April 2014. However, it wasn’t love at first sight! As we know, Kesha had an obsession with guys “who look like they don’t groom themselves”, and in the past, Brad was “clean”.

But it seems like what Brad lacked in aesthetics, he made it up for with a kiss.

“Then he kissed me, and it was the nicest kiss I ever had,” Kesha mentioned. And the rest is history.

The two then went on to date for years, and they even got matching tattoos of skulls and rainbows done by tattoo artist Walter McDonald in 2017 — a way to prove their commitment.

And a commitment it was! Without engagement or kids, the love birds shared over 7 years of relationship. Although the duo was quiet about their love life, they have been spotted several times out having fun together.

Also, if you didn’t know, Kesha’s tracks Finding You and Boots were both inspired by Brad. 

She said that Brad encouraged her. Being in an open relationship, Kesha never had restrictions on her bisexuality. According to her, Brad let her “be herself”. No wonder, Kesha was thinking about marrying him. We’re sure that Brad would make a perfect husband as well.

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