When Druski2Funny first popped up in the scene, he shattered the preconceived notions of what an internet comic can be.

Armed with the contagious personality, Druski2Funny created skits that were rib-tickling and creative at the same time.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of wikis and highlighted Druski2Funny’s net worth, girlfriend, and height. Furthermore, discover his real name, kids, and family.

Druski2Funny Wiki — Real Name, Parents, Siblings

Everyone assumed the comic was born with the first name Druski. However, nobody could tell his last name. As a result, Druski2Funny’s real name was beyond the reach of keen fans.

Nevertheless, Druski2Funny was born to African-American parents in Maryland but moved to Gwinnett County, Georgia at 1. That said, he opted not to share photos of them on social media.

Per rumors online, Druski2Funny grew up with siblings. The exact number, however, eluded public records.

Admittedly, Druski2Funny grew up in a suburb, surrounded by both white and black people.

After high school, with his mother’s help, Druski2Funny attended a community college called GGC. He then cheated his way to a bigger University where he took a class to become a sportscaster.

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Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

In the Fall of 2019, Druski2Funny became 25 years old.

Also, Druski2Funny celebrated his birthday (12th Sept) on the same day as Kim Namjoon did.

Moreover, Druski2Funny was born in 1994 as a Virgo.

Druski2Funny Height, Weight, Distinct Features

With above 90 kg in weight, Druski2Funny — by his admission — came off as an intimidating guy. In his DJ Smallz Eyes 2 interview, he labeled himself a cool fat guy.

Druski2Funny admittedly preferred not to spit out his weight. Meanwhile, he stood 6 feet 2 inches in height.

Perhaps, fans noted Druski2Funny’s deep voice as his distinct feature.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

Circa 2017, Drusik2Funny began uploading skits on Instagram. By July 2020, he had more than 700 thousand followers on the platform.

Also popular on Twitter, Druski2Funny flaunted around 365 thousand followers on the micro-blogging site. Back in November 2018, he joined the platform.

In January 2018, Druski2Funny joined YouTube. However, he never uploaded content oh his channel.

Elsewhere on TikTok, some 180 thousand people followed Druski2Funny for funny videos.

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Druski2Funny Net Worth, Merch, Career

By her admission, Druski2Funny idolized the likes of Cedric The Entertainer and Kevin Hart.

That said, it wasn’t until Druski2Funny pursued a career in comedy until his University days.

Several semesters into his studies, Druski2Funny dropped out.

Coming from the same cloth as internet star DC Young Fly, Druski2Funny discovered fame because of his skits.

As his success reached new peaks, Druski2Funny began building relationships with stars such as 21 Savage, Quavo, Brother Nature, and Jack Harlow.

When COVID-19 pandemic hit, Druski2Funny took the time to hone his stand-up skills.

Given his popularity and reach, Druski2Funny surely owned beyond $100 thousand in net worth.

Furthermore, Druski2Funny sold exclusive merch on his website. Some of his popular hoodies on the site went as expensive as $60.

Druski2Funny Girlfriend, Baby Mama, Kids

In interviews, Druski2Funny referred to self as sex symbol. What’s more, the comedian claimed he was popular amongst the women.

As of July 2020, Druski2Funny hadn’t revealed the identity of his girlfriend. Nor had he shared if he had kids and baby mamas.

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