The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is returning for its second season and there are new additions to the show. Jennie Nguyen, who had previously appeared as a friend of Lisa Barlow. However, she will be appearing as a full cast member in the second season. The question now remains of her husband Dr. Duy Tran.

Does, Dr. Duy Tran appears in the show? You will find the answer to that question and a lot more like his age, net worth in this Dr. Duy Tran wiki!

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Is Dr. Duy Tran Appearing On RHOSLC?

Well, it has not been officially confirmed yet. However, when the first trailer of the new season of the show was released, Dr. Dut Tran did make an appearance in the trailer. Apparently, he was talking to his wife Jennie about having more children. The conversation did not go so well.

So, it was clear that Dr. Duy Tran was indeed appearing in the show but we do not know if he will be appearing regularly or only occasionally.

Dr. Duy Tran Age

Dr. Duy Tran was born on 25 March 1968. Thus, as of the date of publication of this article, he was 53 years of age. And because his birthday fell on the 25th of March every year, his zodiac sign was Aries.

Dr. Duy Tran Family

Here is what we know about Dr. Duy Tran’s family outside of his wife. He has a father, who was very old and had appeared once (in 2016) on Dr. Duy’s Facebook.

Duy has a younger brother named Dan Tran, who is apparently from Philadelphia (according to his Facebook) while Duy’s Facebook says that his hometown was Salt Lake City Utah. Maybe there was divorce involved and separation of parents. Or maybe one of them just put false information on their Facebook. Or maybe they are not really related.

There were also other family members by the names of Maximillian Nguyen, Howie Tran, Dinh Tran, Carol Uyeda, and Huan Nguyen. We do not know what relation any of these people are to Dr. Duy.

Dr. Duy currently lives in Murray, Utah, which is pretty much a part of Salt Lake City.

His Height

Dr. Duy Tran stands at a height of 5 ft 7 inches and had beautiful brown eyes and smooth black hair. He also wears rectangular half-framed glasses over his eyes.

His Instagram, Facebook

Dr. Duy Tran was not very popular on social media although he was present on Facebook and Instagram. He had a regular Facebook profile with 3.6k Friends until 14 Aug 2021. And on his Instagram handle @drduytran, he had no posts and 97 followers. Dr. Duy also had a Facebook profile of his practice, HealthQuest Murray.

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Dr. Duy Tran Net Worth

As a chiropractor working in Utah, Dr. Duy Tran earns more than $150 thousand per year. The average salary of a Utah chiropractor was $146 thousand, but with Dr. Duy’s experience, he must earn a lot more than that. And as of 2021, he had earned a reported net worth of about $5 million.

By profession, Dr. Duy Tran is a chiropractor and he has his own practice called Health Quest in Murray, Utah. According to Health Quest‘s website, it “welcomes all types of cases yet has a particular focus on personal injuries from motor vehicle collisions.” The website adds, “Instead of focusing solely on the pain we aim to improve function and your body’s ability to operate at 100%.”

Health Quest provides treatments like exercise therapy, massage therapy, hot LASER therapy, traction therapy, physiotherapy, etc.

Dr. Duy started the practice back in 1992 and for the past 28 years has been “keeping world-class & Olympic athletes, medical providers, celebrities, and working-class people aligned and going strong”. So far, he has treated more than 17 thousand patients with an over 96% of success rate.

Dr. Duy’s expertise lies in “whiplash, sprain/strain of ligaments & tendons, sports injuries, herniated disc/building disc syndromes, neck & lower back spinal arthritis syndromes, pain radiating into the arms & legs, particularly sciatica, scoliosis, and common ailments of the shoulder, knee, elbow, ankle, and wrist.”

As a leading chiropractor in Utah, Dr. Duy has held many positions over the years like Health Advisor for Good Things Utah on Channel 4, the president of the Utah Business Network in Midvale, a member of the Board of Directors & the Chairman of Ambassadors for the Murray Chamber of Commerce, and many more. He has taught at the University of Utah as a professor of biomechanics and physics in motion.

Dr. Duy Tran And Jennie Nguyen: Wedding, Kids

Dr. Duy Tran is married to Jennie Nguyen, who you might have seen on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and will see more of her in the second season of the show. We do not know when the two of them got married and do not know at what date they celebrate their wedding anniversary. We do know that Dr. Duy and Jennie have three kids, two sons, and a daughter.


Dr. Duy Tran with his wife Jennie Nguyen circa June 2021 (PC: Jennie’s IG)

Although the kids are mentioned often by Jennie on her social media (she is present on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, and Youtube), only one of the kids’ names is known. One of the sons of Dr. Duy and Jennie is called Atlas. The issue of kids is actually a sensitive issue with Dr. Duy and Jennie.

Remember the conversation between Dr. Duy and Jennie that we mentioned at the beginning, the one about them having more children. Well, Dr. Duy wanted to have more kids but Jennie did not. She was in her 40s and already had three kids.

During the conversation, Dr. Duy seemed to have asked the question, “What if we get a sister wife?” That angered Jennie a lot and she walked out of the conversation. To find out what happened after that, you need to watch The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City on Bravo TV.

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