Sometimes it’s the controversy that gives rise to your fame. Similar happened with Devin Arcoleo, who was never to blame for what happened to his married life.

His wife, a famous crime journalist ended up falling in love with the popularly, “most hated man” in the United States. Her love story with the drug offender, her divorce with Devin for her new love, their wedding, Devin’s career, and so on made him a popular name as well. (Xanax)

To know about all, read till the end!

Devin Arcoleo Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Devin Arcoleo reached the age of 36 on his 2020 birthday. His birthday lied on 26th March 1984, which ultimately made him an Aries zodiac person.

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Devin Arcoleo Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

Devin Arcoleo was born to parents Trevor and Lauren Arcoleo. Although his personal life was all in the public eyes, his family background remained a secret.

However, it’s a known fact that the man has two siblings: Trevor and Lauren Arcoleo.

Also, it seems like, Devin’s hometown is New York as from his internship, his education, to his initial job, he did it all in New York.

For education, Devin went to NYU Stern School of Business in New York. He finished his Bachelor’s degree in Science with a major in Finance and Marketing and a minor in Psychology.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

By height, Devin Arcoleo is 5 feet and 7 inches tall. His weight of under 77 kgs goes on the best with all his distinct features.

Although Devin has not made many public appearances, from his interviews and interactions, he always sounded intellectual.

The man, not in the media or the entertainment industry, has successfully set a great personality in front of the public.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Devin doesn’t seem to like the limelight. He is a successful man and appears like he tends to live a simple and happy life.

So, he is not much active on social media in the public accounts. He doesn’t even have a public Facebook or Twitter account. (

However, he has an Instagram with hundreds of posts although, he has kept them to himself and his followers. Hence, Devin has made his Instagram private.

Devin Arcoleo Net Worth, Job, Career

As unveiled, Devin has a marketing and finance background. So, whatever he studied, he later applied it to his career.

Ever since his first-ever job, or even internship, Devin Arcoleo continued with his actual matter of interest. He has a license of a Chartered Financial Analyst certificate granted from CFA Institute in September 2010.

Similarly, Devin also has an Alternative Investment Analyst Charter (CAIA Charter) license, which he was certified in November 2020.

Not just in the decade between his two big certificates, but from before that, Devin nailed in his job. He did a 3 months internship at SCS Commodities Corp. in 2003.

Also, from June 2004 to May 2006, he was an intern at Utendahl Capital Partners.

After Devin was done with his internship, he got a job as an account analyst at PIMCO in August 2006. It was never a turn back for the man after this.

He got a promotion to an account associate, then a senior account associate, and again in 2013 a specialist for the company. For a year from January 2015 to December 2015, Devin served as the account manager for PIMCO.

The following year, the man got an offer to serve in the post of Vice President in the company.

Besides his career in PIMCO, Devin has also been a volunteer for New York Cares. His hard work and dedication towards his job paid off as the company soon recognized his work and kept promoting him within years.

So, from what he is into, Devin Arcoleo has amassed a net worth of more than $2 million.

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Devin Arcoleo & Christie Smythe: Wedding, Divorce, Kids

Devin Arcoleo got limelight after his popular crime journalist wife, Christie Smythe ended up falling in love with Martin Shkreli, the Pharma criminal. In 2015, Martin had increased the price of a life-sustaining drug by 5000 percent.

Devin and Christie had been married for about two years when she got so deeply involved in the case that, she fell in love with the fraud criminal itself.

Although no details on her wedding were made out, the couple had no kids until they got divorced in 2019. A year before their divorce, Christie had left her job at Bloomberg.


Devin Arcoleo with his ex-wife, Christie Smythe, at their wedding. (Pic- Dailymail)

Christie was so much into Martin that she even froze her eggs so that, they can have kids after he would get out of prison. It’s because she believed that she would be old to give birth then.

Devin was one of the initial ones to warn her about him. He told him that Martin was using her for his benefit. She didn’t believe, and went for him, left her career, her family, behind.

She later ended up getting dumped by Martin, and it was through his lawyer. Whatsoever, Christie was strong enough to come out in public with such courage and even said, she hated being called a victim.

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