Well to kick start, Desiry Hall & Rodney Foster were listed as one of the couples who created controversy in Lifetime’s reality show “Marrying Millions“. The couple faced criticism on social media as their relationship might not be as genuine as they claim it to be.

Viewers of the show found it weird that the couple kept their relationship private for a very long time. And what they display on the TV might just be a facade with a bigger story on a backdrop.

This wiki explores the life and career of Desiry Hall from Marrying Millions. So scroll down to learn more!

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Desiry, last name Hall, is somewhat a mystery person to the fans of the show “Marrying Millions”. Since she preferred keeping her lips tight on personal details, much of her info is yet to be unraveled.

Her birthday and age surely made it to the list as she hasn’t addressed those questions out in public. But one of her posts on Instagram suggested her zodiac sign is Aries (March 20-April 19). Likewise, many believed Desiry Hall was between 55 years of age in 2020. So, we can safely conclude she celebrated her 55th birthday in March 2020.

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Desiry Hall Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Desiry Hall from Marrying Millions was born to her anonymous parents in Brooklyn, New York. Neither the whereabouts nor the identity of her parents has been discovered as of the time of penning this article.

Nonetheless, Desiry grew up close to her mother. Hailing from a big (crazy) family, she had 5 siblings: a brother and 4 sisters.

Talking education, Desiry studied Cold Read and Scene Study at Ivana Chubbuck Studios.

Desiry Hall Transgender, Height, Weight

Marrying Millions star Desiry Hall stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.75 meters) and weighed 66 kilograms (145 lbs) at the same time.

Moreover, her impressive measurements of 36-25-35 inches give her a distinct feature. This also further added more desirability to her stunning looks. Blessed with brown eyes and brown hair, Desiry flaunted a slim figure.

Because of her strong facial features, many began believing Desiry Hall is transgender. However, without substantial proof, it was nothing more than a rumor.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Twitter, FB

As any reality stars on social media promoting shows, Desiry is also putting her effort to lure people’s attention with the help of her social media reach.

By Jan 2021, Desiry’s Instagram account had garnered 2.2 thousand followers. Whereas, her Twitter account boasted 22 followers in total since the account was created. She also seemed to have an account on Facebook, but the platform sheltered a minimum number of posts at the same time.

Desiry Hall Job, Net Worth, Salary

As most entertainment news portal covered, Desiry Hall was a former police officer.

She joined the police department in January of 1990. She trained at New York City Police Academy 235 E. 20th Street, NY 10003. While there, she studied Law, Psychology, Tactical Training, Gun Range, and Driver’s Range.

And after 4 years and 1 month into service, she quit her job in January of 1994.

After April of 2006, Desiry began pursuing her acting career. She starred in several movies such as My Big Phat Hip Hop Family (2005), Sorority Sister Slaughter (2007), Your Name Here (2008).

Along with that, Desiry also commenced operating a non-profit organization. As of 2020, she still ran the charity.

But, one of the biggest breaks which she ever received as a media personality came when she was called to be in the Lifetime’s reality show Marrying Millions. She broke the news of being in the show in July of 2020.

Desiry Hall pocketed an estimated net worth of $150 thousand. On social media, she listed her job titles as “Actor, Host, Producing, Writing, Modeling, Entrepreneur”.

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Are Marrying Millions Couple Desiry Hall & Rodney Foster Together?

Starting with the origin story of Desiry Hall and Rodney Foster’s relationship, the pair met each other through a mutual friend who lived in Desiry’s building in Los Angeles. The couple clicked instantaneously and continued dating.

But, distance appeared to play the villain in their relationship as Desiry lived in L.A. and Rodney in Washington D.C. Nevertheless, the couple’s love for each other helped them overcome the trouble distance created in their relationship.

And as season 2 of Marrying Millions showed, Rodney wished Desiry to move with him to New York. However, fans smelled something fishy in their relationship.

Rodney continuously insisted on keeping their relationship a secret, whereas, Desiry refused to get physical with him even after two years into the relationship. Plus, the fact that Rodney and his mom boycotted personal talks had fans derive a conclusion that he might be a closeted gay.

Plus, some of the fans argued that Rodney was using Desiry to cover up the fact. And the fact that Rodney paid all of Desiry’s bill suggested that the pair might’ve made a financial arrangement to help each other out.

As season 2 of Marrying Millions returned in 2021 after a break, Desiry was ready to tie the knot with Rodney. Still, she questioned Rodney’s ability to remain faithful.

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