The 2nd installment of “Marrying Millions” arrived in August 2020 and featured 7 couples. Among the 5 new pairs joining the cast, none managed to create more buzz than Rodney Foster and his “poor” partner Desiry Hall.

Tag along and discover Rodney’s wiki details including his net worth, age, and family. What’s more, read into the rumors that painted to be a gay man.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Rodney Foster became 51 years of age in late-Spring 2020. Likewise, he grew up celebrating his birthday on 31st May.

Moreover, Rodney was born in 1969 and embraced Gemini as his zodiac sign.

[Marrying Millions] Rodney Foster Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Rodney Foster was born to parents: a mother named Monica and an anonymous father.

As for his siblings, Rodney seemed to have none. As such, Rodney grew up to be a mama’s boy. On occasions such as Mother’s Day and birthdays, he took to IG and penned a few words for her. Monica also accompanied him to red carpet events.

Whenever Rodney shared his mom’s pictures from the younger days, everyone pointed she shared a resemblance with Pam Greer.

Furthermore, Rodney’s parents celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary in December 2020.

According to, Rodney grew up in a large, middle-class family in Washington, DC.

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Rodney Foster Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Tall and handsome, Rodney Foster stood above 5 feet 11 inches in height. Complimenting the stature was his equally impressive weight.

To talk about Rodney’s distinct features, Rodney sported a gorgeous set of teeth. Similarly, her neat fashion sense impressed everyone.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, Facebook

Regarding Rodney’s social media reach, he didn’t seem to possess any on Facebook and Twitter. Rodney, however, was active on Instagram with 54.8 thousand followers. There, he promoted his wine.

[Marrying Millions] Rodney Foster Net Worth — $2.5 Million

Rodney Foster amassed his $2.5 million net worth working in the wine industry. However, refuted the claim that he was even a millionaire. The news outlet spoke to a source who said— “Rodney is being portrayed as a rich guy, who made his entire fortune in the wine industry – that’s a fairy tale. Rodney does not own or live in the home seen on the show – that home belongs to his friend.”

According to his LinkedIn profile, Rodney co-founded and began working as the CEO of the company “Edelheiss Wine”.

Based in Washington DC, Edelheiss Wine was a brainchild of Rodney. After tasting Hot Mulled Wine while on a trip to Switzerland, Rodney hit the Eureka moment.

Fast forward to the year 2020, Rodney’s line of wine had grown into a multi-million business. Hard work coupled with his penchant for networking bore fruits for Rodney.

Rodney’s job history before becoming a wine mogul, however, remained a private affair. However, Lifetime’s official website noted he previously dabbled in real estate.

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Are Marrying Millions Couple Rodney Foster & Desiry Hall Still Together?

Rodney Foster met future girlfriend Desiry Hall through a mutual friend who lived in the same building as she did.

From the jump, Rodney’s romance with Desiry — a non-profit worker — faced hurdles. Despite the long-distance nature of their relationship, the duo persevered.

When they began dating, Rodney started paying all of Desiry’s bills. To compensate for the physical interaction, they would Facetime all the time. Rodney also visited Los Angeles from Washington to be with Desiry.

When Rodney finally asked Rodney to moved in with him, Desiry professed skepticism.

As they looked all set to tie the knot, Desiry began to question whether Rodney was a faithful partner.

As for the question about them being together: Neither Rodney nor Desiry showed off one another on IG. Thus, it’s likely they had called it quits before January 2021.

Is Rodney Foster From Marrying Millions Gay?

From early on, the “Marrying Millions” fandom believed Rodney Foster was a closeted gay man.

Firstly, Rodney hadn’t introduced Desiry Hall to his family despite dating her for two years. Secondly, Desiry expressed repugnance with the thought of having sex with him.

Amidst the compounding evidence supporting the theory, another arrived. Many observed Rodney never spoke of his romance with Desiry with her mother.

Then, in September 2020, confirmed the fans’ suspicion. The publication also quoted a close friend of Rodney who said— “He’s lived as an openly gay man for years, so we were all confused. and disappointed. Desiry is a hired actress playing a role on TV…she and Rodney are not in a real relationship. They both doing this for a little fame”.

The revelation, however, did very little to discredit Rodney. By Dec 2020, news broke he was negotiating a spin-off show based on him.

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